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A REMONDIS employee working at the biomass-fired power plant at the Lippe Plant

Hazardous waste services for businesses

From treating old oil to recycling aerosol cans: we make the very most of hazardous waste

Everyone who works with dangerous substances and hazardous waste has to comply with regulations that are not only complex but also constantly changing. When you work with REMONDIS Industrie Service, you can focus on your core business knowing that you have a reliable partner at your side that will deliver recycling and disposal services in line with all rules and regulations. Being a subsidiary of the largest recycling company in Germany, we are not only able to safely collect and transport practically all types of waste but also to recycle or dispose of them in the most appropriate way. We advise you on how best to handle and store your hazardous waste, provide you with suitable bins and containers and transport these to our own plants in our special vehicles.

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Our hazardous waste recycling and treatment services

Pollutant analysis in the chemistry laboratory

A full range of services for managing waste chemicals

Suitable systems for storing, treating and disposing of chemicals


Production of refuse-derived fuels (symbolic image)

Production of refuse-derived fuels

Resource-friendly, solid and liquid refuse-derived fuels (RDFs) for cement works, power stations and large furnaces


FettabscheiFat separator services for restaurants and the food-processing industry

Grease trap services and fat and grease recycling

We use our vacuum/cleaning vehicles to empty and clean grease traps – and we can also carry out function tests and service the equipment if requested


Sonderabfälle in Kleinmengen sicher entsorgen

Entsorgung von Sonderabfällen in Kleinmengen

Unkomplizierter Abholservice für kleine Mengen gefährlicher Abfälle – schnell und mit Entsorgungsnachweis


Lithium-ion battery storage solutions for businesses and households

Lithium-ion battery storage solutions for businesses and households

Safely storing lithium-ion batteries in a range of different-sized, UN-approved containers


Healthcare waste in laboratories and pharmacies

Safe management of healthcare waste

Ensuring clinical waste is managed in line with all the rules and regulations covering the handling of waste in medical institutes


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then get in touch with us – we offer a whole range of other hazardous waste recycling and disposal services. Send an enquiry now

Collecting hazardous waste on a SafetyTruck

Mobile hazardous waste collections in acc. with the TRGS

Our SafetyTrucks are the perfect way to store and transport hazardous waste – a service for local authorities and businesses


Collecting garage waste with our MOBIWER truck

Mobile garage waste collections with MOBIWER

We can collect up to five types of hazardous waste from your garage in just one trip


Oil separator services for garages and car washes

Oil separator services on a regular or as needed basis

A whole range of oil separator services for businesses where water and oil come together


Exterior view of the hazardous waste incineration plant in Schwarzheide

Hazardous waste incineration in Germany

Thermal treatment of waste as part of the circular economy and for a clean environment


An aerosol can sent for recycling (symbolic image)

Aerosol can recycling with state-of-the-art technology

Managing old aerosol cans: safely and sustainably with REMONDIS Industrie Service’s storage system


Tank cleaning and tank inspections (symbolic image)

Tank cleaning plus management of residual materials

A full range of services for your tanks and storage vessels: tank cleaning and waste management, tank inspections, tank renovations and tank decommissioning


“Both SMEs and large international corporations use our waste management solutions. Having worked in the industry for so many years, we know exactly what each individual sector needs.”

Michael Jung, Managing Director of REMONDIS Industrie Service

REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG