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Managing hazardous waste for trades


Managing hazardous waste for trades

Bespoke waste management solutions for tradespeople

The list of skilled trades is long and varied and the jobs and tasks tradespeople carry out are just as diverse. Which means that it’s not really possible to talk of ‘industry-typical’ tasks when it comes to managing their waste – no matter whether the materials are hazardous or non-hazardous. It goes without saying that the waste generated by a roofing business is not the same as that produced by a clocksmith. The fact that we have still chosen to list trades here as one target group can be put down to the comprehensive network of facilities and expertise within the REMONDIS Group. This network enables us to provide all kinds of skilled trade businesses with hazardous waste management services that meet their precise requirements. But that’s not all. As we are able to deliver a full range of waste management services, we can also handle other types of waste materials at your firm, such as wood, construction waste, scrap metal, insulation material and commercial waste. And recycle them to protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

Trades businesses often generate hazardous waste in small amounts or as one-off volumes of e.g. overstored or damaged goods, both of which we can manage professionally. Contact us to find out more

Hazardous wastes typically generated by trades and handled by REMONDIS Industrie Service

  • oily materials & other types of oily wastes
  • oil, grease & emulsions
  • waste glue & sealant
  • aerosol cans
  • acids & alkaline etching solutions
  • asbestos-contaminated building materials
  • insulation materials containing dangerous substances
  • old paints & varnishes
  • solvents
  • packaging with hazardous deposits
  • batteries
  • roofing felt containing tar

“A whole host of small and medium-sized trades and commercial businesses across Germany rely on us to manage their hazardous materials.”

Janis, Key Account Manager

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Our everyday trade: managing your hazardous waste

While our portfolio of services is very wide ranging, our core area of expertise remains the management of dangerous substances and hazardous waste. Being a service provider, we believe it is our task to reduce your and your employees’ workload to an absolute minimum in this specific area. The list of waste that this particular field of business covers is very long. We have listed examples of some of the hazardous waste we handle for trades businesses above and are able to take over all of the tasks involved – from collection and packing, to transport, all the way through to recycling or disposal. And, of course, we’re always happy to help you ensure that these materials are stored on site at your business in line with the TRGS [Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances] if you would like us to.

Managing hazardous waste for trades

Waste management

We provide you with expert advice on how to handle your waste correctly and draw up a bespoke waste management concept to meet your exact needs. Including operational logistics.

Provision of bins & containers

No matter whether it’s a building site or your business premises – we supply you with the bins and specialist containers you need for storing all types and volumes of waste. Quickly, Germany-wide.

Analysis & advice

If needed, we can provide you with a chemicals expert to ensure that your waste is separated, packed, collected and disposed of correctly.

Modular solutions

We offer specialist solutions for specific types of hazardous waste, which make the subject of waste management particularly simple and cost-effective for you.

Full compliance

We draw up all waste management documentation needed, helping you to meet your statutory obligations. And you benefit from our highly efficient electronic waste records procedure (eANV).

The professional management of your waste in the safest of hands. Get in touch to find out more

From parts cleaning to mobile hazardous waste collections – comprehensive circular economy expertise from just one company

Here at REMONDIS Industrie Service, we are able to deliver a diverse range of services that go beyond conventional waste management. From operating technologies to distil used solvents, to offering a mobile hazardous waste collection service with our SafetyTruck, all the way through to providing washer systems and equipment (including treating the waste cleaning agents and delivering new cleaning media). These services are provided by individual specialist companies and we can, if you wish, coordinate them on your behalf as well – so that all your hazardous waste management services come from one single company.

Lithium-ion battery storage solutions

We provide safe and secure boxes for storing and transporting damaged or unwanted lithium batteries and ensure they are sent on for recycling or disposal.

Mobile garage waste collections

We accept all types of contaminated materials with our specialist garage waste vehicle – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Managing waste chemicals

Safely storing, transporting and disposing of all types of waste chemicals and liquids generated by pharmacies and laboratories.

Oil separator services

Emptying and cleaning oil separators including recycling the wastewater using environmentally and resource-friendly processes.

Aerosol can recycling

Collecting and recycling empty, partially empty and full aerosol cans using a system that enables the dangerous substances to be disposed of and the metals to be recovered.

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