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Grease trap disposal services


Grease trap services

Professional grease trap services with REMONDIS Industrie Service

Grease trap services are an important subject for anyone who commercially prepares and/or hands out meals. Such as restaurants, hotels and fast-food chains as well as hospitals, care homes and food retailers with a fresh meat counter. As set out in the DIN 4040-100 standard, these businesses must meet a number of obligations, one of which is to have their grease traps emptied and cleaned on a regular basis. Here at REMONDIS Industrie Service, we not only empty and clean grease traps but also ensure that all residual materials generated by this work are disposed of using reliable and environmentally compatible processes. Our grease trap disposal services round off our portfolio perfectly – a portfolio that also includes inspecting and servicing the equipment.

Laws and guidelines regulate how grease traps must be emptied, cleaned and serviced. Simply get in touch to find out more

Our grease trap services

Emptying and cleaning the grease trap using our modern vacuum/cleaning vehicle

Checking the inside surfaces – and removing any deposits and hardened residue where necessary – and cleaning the lid

Checking the inlets are clear and free-flowing

Disposal of the waste materials removed from the facility in accordance with all relevant waste regulations

Checking that the trap and cleaning systems are working properly

Cleaning the sampling system / sampling chamber

The benefits of REMONDIS Industrie Service’s grease trap services

Upfront advice

We avoid problems from the outset by setting sensible intervals that reflect the amount of grease waste produced.

Well trained staff

All our employees are highly qualified. If a problem occurs while they’re emptying a grease trap, they can, in most cases, solve it there and then.

Extremely reliable

With a network of branches across Germany, we are always close by and can get to you quickly. We never miss a grease trap cleaning appointment.

A one-stop shop

You have a partner at your side who knows all there is to know about grease traps – and not just about disposing of the contents.

“When we provide our grease trap services, we empty and clean the traps and take the residual materials with us for disposal. Once we’ve done all this, we can also fill the trap with fresh water.”

Moritz, sales office

What’s important is having your grease trap emptied regularly

Having your grease trap emptied and the ‘FOG’ (fats, oil and grease) waste removed on a regular basis is certainly to be recommended – especially from a business point of view. If the time between each visit is too long, then the pipes may become clogged up or blocked. This, in turn, means calling for an emergency appointment which is both time-consuming and expensive. What’s more, fats, cooking oil and food residue that have been in the wastewater for too long produce aggressive fatty acid. This not only results in unpleasant odours, it is also extremely damaging for the grease trap. The pipes begin to corrode and can even be ruined. All very good reasons for making sure you have an expert at your side able to provide you with the grease trap services you need.

Would you like us to provide you with our grease trap services? Nothing could be easier. Find out here how to do this and what we need to know from you upfront.

Grease trap cleaning and disposal services: sustainable and good for the environment

Being one of the world’s largest recycling, service and water companies, we have all the expertise needed to be able to provide grease trap services that meet all rules and regulations. As a result, we are able to offer optimum recycling solutions that are good for both the environment and humans – and help curb climate change as well. Once the fats have been removed from the wastewater at special facilities in the REMONDIS Group, they undergo an outgassing process so that they can be repurposed. In other words, we do not treat them like waste but as recyclable materials. At the end of the day, they can be used to produce green electricity and heat in biogas plants or combined heat and power plants. An important contribution that you and we can make together towards reducing carbon emissions.

REMONDIS Industrie Service also offers oil separator services – for all businesses where water and oil end up mixed together

The easy way to arrange grease trap services

We believe it’s really important to provide all our customers with bespoke services that meet their exact needs. The best way for us to be able to do this is if you give us as detailed information as possible about your business and grease trap when you send us your enquiry.

We need the following information to be able to provide our grease trap services:

How big is your grease trap?

Is it an underground grease trap or is it free-standing?

Can your grease trap be accessed from outside or is it in your basement?

When would you prefer us to empty your grease trap?

Are there any physical obstacles or particular times when it is more difficult to reach your business premises?

Send us an enquiry about our grease trap services – no strings attached! Simply use our contact form

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