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The safe way to store and transport lithium batteries


Lithium battery storage and transport solutions

The safe way to store and transport lithium-ion batteries

Lithium batteries have not only revolutionised the mobility sector, they can also be found in smartphones, notebooks, tools and solar panel systems. They certainly deliver a whole host of advantages but they’ve also become a real challenge for both supply and waste management chains. Lithium-ion batteries can be highly dangerous – especially if they are damaged or not working properly – as they can catch fire or even explode. Thanks to our unique RETRON system, we are able to provide commerce, industry and local authorities with an ideal way to handle their lithium-ion batteries. A system that enables these batteries to be safely stored and transported in innovative containers of different sizes in line with all rules and regulations.

From bespoke advice, to environmentally friendly disposal – we’re your partner for all matters concerning lithium-ion batteries. Get in touch now

A quick look at our services

Advice & waste disposal concepts

We sit down with you to find the most suitable way for your business to safely handle its old lithium-ion batteries.

Training & information

We pass on our extensive specialist know-how to your staff by holding seminars and teaching them all about this subject.

Provision of storage containers

Depending on your needs, we either hire out or sell our UN-approved storage boxes to you so that you can store your lithium-ion batteries.

Servicing & exchange

We regularly service our storage containers to ensure they are fit for purpose and exchange them for new ones if they are damaged.

Transport & disposal

We transport your unwanted lithium batteries in line with ADR regulations and dispose of them using environmentally compatible processes.

The right format for each and every battery: our range of boxes

Different sizes, different designs, for stacking, with wheels: with such a wide range of boxes, we can guarantee that a safe solution can always be found for storing and transporting device batteries – all the way through to heavy EV batteries. These UN-approved boxes can withstand very high temperatures and provide reliable protection should there be a thermal runaway reaction. Even if the temperature inside the box reaches 1,000°C, the temperature of the outer walls remains below 100°C – for a full three days – thanks to the steel container’s fire-resistant insulation. Our robust boxes protect these easy-to-damage batteries from projectiles and pressure surges and can be connected to a hose so that waste gas can be removed in the case of an emergency. With their specialist fire-resistant cushions, these boxes do not need inert filling material and can be used as a swap system or as a stationary system for storing your batteries.

The safe way for industry, commerce and HWRCs to store lithium batteries

Optimum protection for staff and the environment

Stackable, on wheels, can be lifted by crane


Protection against heat, flames and projectiles

High-temperature resistant w/o inert filling material

ADR-compliant transport system

“Let’s work together to ensure we have a future worth living in: being an experienced business specialising in hazardous waste, we can provide you with flexible and reliable solutions for disposing of your lithium batteries – solutions that are clean, safe and compliant.”

Lukas, Key Account Manager at RETRON

A full range of services guaranteeing the correct disposal of lithium-ion batteries

Thanks to our extensive portfolio, we are able to offer you the full range of services needed for your lithium-ion batteries. Being an expert in our field, we are there at your side to help you with any questions you may have as well as to draw up a bespoke solution to meet your company’s exact needs. Having worked in the hazardous waste sector for many years, we have extensive specialist know-how of this particular field and understand exactly how to handle lithium batteries as a dangerous material. We pass on this knowledge to your staff by holding seminars and teaching them all about the subject. And you’re in safe hands with us when it comes to storing and transporting these batteries as well. No matter whether we supply, hire out or sell our boxes: we always service them and exchange them as and when needed. We pick up your old batteries in our special battery collection vehicle in line with ADR regulations and ensure they are disposed of and recycled using environmentally compatible processes.

Our solutions for ensuring lithium-ion batteries are stored, transported and disposed of safely: discover the world of RETRON

Safely storing lithium batteries at home and in the office

Be it at home or in the office, you can also safely store, recharge and transport the lithium batteries in your e-bikes, scooters, tools and domestic appliances thanks to our compact, practical and lockable RETRON BOX. This system has been designed to hold several devices or batteries and has cable connections enabling two devices to be recharged while they’re in the box. These UN-approved boxes are made of coated steel plate, have protected vents and offer the best possible protection against flames. They considerably reduce the risk of a fire spreading if a battery should ignite. In the case of a fire, two fire-resistant cushions inside the box filter the gases, act as a flame retardant and absorb any electrolytes that may leak out. In other words: using this specialist box is the best possible way for you to protect yourself against major damage caused by a fire or even an explosion.

Find out more about our lithium-ion battery transport boxes

Besides working with industrial and commercial businesses, we also support household waste recycling centres run by local authorities to accept, store and transport old batteries. Contact us now to find out more

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