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Oil separator services and collection/disposal of oil separator contents


Oil separator services

Managing and emptying oil separators – for every business where water and oil come together

Collecting the contents of oil separators – in other words, emptying and cleaning light liquid separators – is just one part of our comprehensive portfolio of separator services. Each service can, of course, be commissioned separately. This offering is targeted at car washes, petrol stations and garages as well as at all other businesses that generate wastewater contaminated with oil and have to install a light liquid separator. What’s more, local authorities also turn to us to have their oil separators emptied. Sludge traps and separator systems are also needed for the drainage ditches at their sewage treatment plants and their storm water retention tanks to capture and store the residual materials that need to be collected and disposed of properly.

Old oil and oily waste must be treated and/or recycled as hazardous waste. Send us an enquiry

The different stages of REMONDIS Industrie Service’s oil/petrol separator service

Emptying the separator using a vacuum pump

Cleaning the separator and sludge trap using high pressure jetting equipment

Treating the water on-site in our specialist water treatment vehicle (available depending on the location)

Refilling the separator with fresh water or with the water treated on site

Safely transporting the waste from the site

Disposing of or recycling the material in certified facilities using environmentally sound systems

Some more advantages of our oil separator services

Bespoke advice

If needed, one of our experts can visit your business to take a look at the on-site conditions and see exactly what waste management services are actually needed.

A Germany-wide service

We have a nationwide network enabling us to offer our services across the whole of the country. Which means we can get to you quickly when you need us and are the ideal partner for companies with several branches.

A one-stop shop

Besides emptying your separator, we can also deliver all the other tasks you may need if you wish. You’re in safe hands with us thanks to our full range of separator services.

Extensive waste management expertise

Thanks to our network within the REMONDIS Group, we can offer you waste management concepts for all of the different types of waste generated at your business.

Full compliance

We guarantee that all rules and regulations are followed and handle all the documents needed to show that everything has been dealt with correctly.

Environmental sustainability

Being part of the REMONDIS Group, it is our mission to collect and recycle as many materials as possible. Top priority is given to conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

“Besides emptying separators, we can also deliver all the other tasks needed – from servicing the system every six months, to carrying out general inspections, all the way through to overhauling the equipment.”

Svenja, Sales Office


How a light liquid separator works

The contaminated wastewater (containing oil and solid materials) enters the oil separator through the inlet pipe

As the substances have different densities, the large drops of oil rise to the surface of the water and the sludge falls to the bottom

The small droplets of oil are caught by the coalescing filter and form larger drops which then also rise to the surface of the water

If the volume of oil increases, then the water level falls and a float shuts off the outlet pipe

After the wastewater has been cleaned and the majority of the contaminants removed, it flows through the outlet pipe into the sewer system

Emptying, servicing and overhauling oil/fuel separators

Both the DIN 1999-100 and the DIN EN 858-1 standards stipulate that companies must check their light liquid separators themselves once a month. This should also include checking how full the system is. As a basic rule: the separator must be emptied and cleaned if 50% of the sludge trap is full or if the light liquid makes up 80% of the liquid content. As many of our customers have commissioned us to carry out these monthly checks, we automatically empty and clean the oil/fuel separators should this be necessary. Alternatively, having taken the required exam, you can carry out these checks yourself as the operator of the system. In such cases, we then provide the emptying and cleaning services. Either on a regular or as needed basis.

Adding value: mobile wastewater treatment

We have a number of trucks in our nationwide fleet that are not only equipped with vacuum and cleaning technology but also with a mobile wastewater treatment system. These vehicles make it possible for us to treat the oily wastewater removed from the oil separator on site at the customer’s premises so that, once cleaned, it can be put straight back into the separator. This conserves water, such a valuable resource nowadays, and saves you money. Treating the water on site reduces the amount of waste material that we must transport and treat on your behalf. And that means fewer costs for you. This service is particularly worth its while when these measures help reduce your annual volume of waste from above 20 tonnes to below 20 tonnes. All you need then is a waste acceptance form helping to considerably reduce red tape.

Would you like to have us empty and clean your oil separator? Have you got a question about our services? Then simply use our contact form

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