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Managing hazardous waste for construction sites


Managing hazardous waste for construction sites

Recycling and disposing of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste from building sites

Our range of hazardous waste management services for building sites covers the professional and environmentally friendly treatment of all types of hazardous waste generated by the construction sector. Our extensive portfolio also includes delivering bespoke solutions for companies offering hazmat remediation services. Furthermore, we use our connections within the REMONDIS Group to organise standard waste management services for collecting, transporting and recycling demolition waste and construction waste. Thanks to these synergies, our holistic waste management concepts ensure that the maximum levels of sustainability and efficiency are achieved when it comes to recycling the waste materials. By delivering process-optimised logistics and coordinating the transfer of the different types of waste to the REMONDIS Group’s various recycling facilities, we are making a major contribution towards curbing climate change and conserving natural resources. Which means we don’t simply offer ‘hazardous waste management’ but ‘hazardous waste management plus’. Adding real value to your construction or remediation project – and protecting the environment.

Hazardous waste management for building sites – go straight to our individual services

Examples of hazardous waste found in the construction sector

  • old oil
  • soils & stones contaminated with dangerous substances
  • waste glue & sealant
  • transformers & condensers
  • asbestos & man-made mineral fibres (MMMF)
  • roofing felt & roof membranes
  • fluorescent tubes
  • aerosol cans
  • polyurethane foam sheets
  • emulsions
  • oily materials & oily waste
  • bitumen
  • paint & varnish waste
  • PCB-contaminated construction & demolition waste

“We’re always happy to help you coordinate the various tasks with the relevant authorities as well as with the electronic waste records procedure, the so-called eANV.”

Janis, Key Account Manager

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REMONDIS Industrie Service – your waste management partner for all your building sites

Being a waste management business, we have been working for the construction sector for many years. Which means that we know exactly what is important and what matters most to firms operating in the construction and/or remediation business. Above all, this enables us to respond both quickly and competently to customer enquiries and tenders. Thanks to our experience of this field, we are in a position to draw up serious offers ad hoc based on the list of required services. And if we’re not, then we ask the right questions to enable us to do this. What’s more, it’s particularly useful – both for us and for you as our customer – that we not only specialise in hazardous waste but also in conventional mineral waste and are able to differentiate between the various materials. This is especially important when contaminated fractions contain recyclables that can be recovered for reuse.

Quick and punctual waste collection services – thanks to our regional fleets of vehicles across the whole of Germany

Our range of services for the construction sector

Advice & concepts

We draw up waste management concepts for all your material streams and, if requested, implement these for you – including storage, logistics and supervision of all processes.

Provision of storage systems

We provide you with suitable bins and specialist skips and containers for all types and volumes of waste. Quickly and across the whole of Germany.

Sustainability & environmental protection

Being a modern circular economy business we are always looking to find the most environmentally friendly waste management solution. Recycling is at the top of our list of priorities.

Waste management

If requested, we can draw up or optimise collection, storage and waste management concepts for all types of waste generated at your business – including non-hazardous wastes.

Full compliance

We provide you with all required waste management documents and offer you the option of using a convenient electronic waste records procedure (eANV).

Waste management on building sites – from PCB-contaminated transformers to soil remediation

No matter what kinds of contaminated materials are generated by construction and remediation projects, we are able to deal with them. This begins with us declaring the waste, to us providing suitable storage systems (such as skips or ASP containers), all the way through to us disposing of the materials in our specialist plants and facilities. It goes without saying that we always carry out all hazardous waste management tasks on building sites in line with the German Federal Waste Catalogue Ordinance (AVV) as well as in accordance with all related guidelines – such as the TRGS 519 and TRGS 521 technical rules when handling and disposing of asbestos.

If needed, we can also provide you with a waste officer and arrange for chemical analyses to be carried out on, for example, contaminated soils.

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Classic demolition waste – handled quickly and cleanly with REMONDIS’ skips

Why use different service providers for managing your hazardous waste and recycling your mineral waste when there’s a company that can do both? Working with our contacts in the REMONDIS Group, we are able to offer you the whole range of services needed – from providing the skips for your demolition waste, packaging and scrap metal, all the way through to recycling all the materials that can be processed for reuse. With great emphasis put on cost-effectiveness and resource conservation from start to finish. Indeed, practically all types of mineral waste can be recycled and returned to market. Just one example of many: the aggregate that REMONDIS’ subsidiary REMEX produces from recycling waste from construction and road-building projects.

The full package of hazardous waste management services – one thing less to think about

Take a look below to find a list of the services that REMONDIS Industrie Service has put together in its hazardous waste management portfolio for building sites and that have been described in more detail on our website. We are, of course, always happy to help you coordinate your enquiry and combine individual services.

Hazardous waste incineration

Efficient and environmentally compatible thermal treatment of dangerous substances in our modern hazardous waste incineration plants.

Aerosol can recycling

Collecting and recycling empty, partially empty and full aerosol cans using a system that enables the dangerous substances to be disposed of and the metals to be recovered.

Tank cleaning

Inspecting, servicing and cleaning tanks and other storage vessels – including all repair work if required.

Our sister company XERVON, which is also part of the REMONDIS Group, can provide you with the scaffolding you need for your building site. Send us an enquiry

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