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Managing potentially hazardous healthcare waste


Managing healthcare waste

The safe and environmentally friendly way to manage clinical waste

A whole range of waste is generated in hospitals and laboratories every single day – from medicines and pharmaceutical residue, to packaging waste, all the way through to syringes, blood bags and infectious and non-infectious waste. Hazardous types of waste (such as cytostatic agents, chemicals, old oils, solvents and lab waste) also have to be disposed of correctly. It is a considerable challenge for medical personnel to handle these very different waste fractions in line with all rules and regulations. Being an experienced company specialising in healthcare waste, we are able to offer hospitals and all other medical institutes a wide range of solutions to help them ensure that all their hazardous and non-hazardous waste is collected, stored, transported and recycled or disposed of in an environmentally compatible and compliant way.

No matter whether you run a hospital, lab or doctors’ surgery: we can help you ensure your medical waste is stored, transported and disposed of safely. Get in touch with us now

Benefit from our medical waste services

Free upfront advice

We sit down with you to find customised solutions that guarantee your medical waste is handled safely.

Bespoke waste management concepts

We take all the time needed to develop custom-made waste management concepts for all the different types of waste generated at your business.

Dedicated waste storage systems

We provide you with specialist bins and hazardous waste containers for storing and transporting your waste. We can also help you declare your waste if you wish.

Special waste collection vehicles

Our ADR and GDPR-trained staff make sure that your healthcare waste is transported in line with all rules and regulations.

Recycling or disposal

In our modern recycling facilities, we recycle or dispose of your medical waste safely and in an ecologial way.

Proof of service

You are given all the documents and certificates required to show exactly how your waste has been handled from start to finish.

Medical waste storage bins for hospitals and doctors’ surgeries

Sustainable waste management begins with having a well-thought-out collection and storage system: contaminated syringes, for example, are put in a sharps bin and amalgam residue is safely stored in secure, lockable containers. Thanks to our range of bins and containers, it really is a simple task for you to collect and store your different types of waste in line with all rules and regulations. Declared and UN-approved specialist and hazardous waste bins and containers are available in all colours, shapes and sizes. These clinical waste bins keep both people and the environment safe in accordance with the KrWG [German Federal Circular Economy Act]. All of our bins and containers have handles and can be stacked so that they are easy to manage and store. And, of course, we also have an ADR-compliant logistics system in place to collect and transport your waste to our recycling plants – and provide you with new, empty bins to replace the full ones.

The right bin and container for each and every type of waste

Different shapes and sizes, from 1 to 220 litres, as jerry cans, drums with lock rings, dedicated storage systems and much, much more

UN-approved bins for storing hazardous and ethical waste

Jerry cans for storing solvents, photographic chemicals, formalin and other mixtures

Tanks for storing large volumes of liquids, e.g. photographic chemicals

Secure bins in a variety of sizes for collecting X-rays, patient files and other types of confidential information

Stickers for labelling all types of clinical waste

“There are very strict rules in place regulating all aspects of how infectious and highly infectious wastes must be handled – from their collection, to their storage and transport, through to their disposal. Being healthcare waste professionals, we support you through all stages of the waste management chain.”

Darius, Sales Office Manager at REMONDIS Medison

Waste management concepts and medical waste management seminars

here are a whole host of issues that must be taken into account when managing waste generated at medical institutes. The requirements and standards governing health & safety, environmental protection, storage and hygiene are particularly stringent when infectious and hazardous waste is involved. Being a waste management expert, we are able to answer all your questions regarding the safe, environmentally compatible and compliant management of clinical waste. We know the legal framework and pass on our KrWG, ADR and GDPR know-how to waste officers in our seminars across the whole of Germany. As a waste producer, hospitals and laboratories are responsible for ensuring that the waste hierarchy is adhered to (Section 6 of the KrWG [German Federal Circular Economy Act]) – which also means reducing waste and prioritising recycling ahead of disposal. We make the most of our years of experience of working in this field to support you by drawing up bespoke waste management concepts and being there to help you implement them at your business.

Our seminar for waste officers working in healthcare and research has received official approval. Participants are given a certificate showing a list of the topics they have learned. at our seminars

Environmentally friendly recycling or safe disposal

Being sustainable and creating value are two core principles for us when we handle waste – no matter what substance it may involve. In order to be able to recover as many recyclable materials as possible and conserve natural resources, we are constantly investing in new recycling technologies and operate state-of-the-art plant technology to ensure the different wastes are processed and treated in an environmentally compatible way. Just one example: infectious and highly infectious waste, which is designated for incineration, is sterilised using our innovative REKOMED process so that it can safely be used to generate electricity and steam in our recycling plant. Hazardous medical waste, which cannot be recycled, is disposed of using safe and environmentally sound means thanks to the access we have to a Germany-wide network of hazardous waste incineration plants.

Are you looking for a comprehensive waste management solution for small quantities of hazardous medical waste? We’re more than happy to help. Get in touch now

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