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Hazardous waste management for surface technology


Managing waste for the surface technology sector

From pre-treatment to cleaning – managing waste professionally and safely

No matter whether it involves base coats or final coats of paint, mechanical engineering or automotive technology: companies working in the field of surface technology generate a very wide range of waste including hazardous waste. This is true for the actual coating process as well as for all related tasks, such as pre-treating and cleaning the surfaces. Which means the waste management requirements are complex as well. A very good reason, therefore, for commissioning REMONDIS Industrie Service to deliver the whole range of waste management services that may be needed. When you work with us, you are able to have all your different types of waste managed by just one company – from your hazardous materials all the way through to your harmless residual waste. What’s more, we also offer many other services beyond the collection, transport and treatment of waste.

Germany is among the countries leading the EU surface technology industry – we can help you to manage your waste in this sector. Send us an enquiry

Wastes typically generated by surface technology

  • chemicals
  • emulsions
  • powder paints
  • containers
  • lye
  • materials containing solvents
  • solvents
  • paint brushes
  • cleaning rags
  • cleaning agents
  • filter mats from vacuum equipment
  • various types of sludge
  • rolling oil
  • drawing compounds

REMONDIS Industrie Service reliably manages all hazardous and non-hazardous waste for your coating business.

Because coating is about more than just paint

Being a waste management company with years of expertise and a wide range of modern equipment, we have the perfect set-up for taking all of the liquid, solid and semi-solid waste you produce, either on an individual basis or as a full-service solution. We are able to handle paint and varnish sludge as well as filter mats, tins of paint, residual materials and other types of hazardous waste from your business – including all of the residue removed from your industrial water. What’s more, we guarantee that all these materials will be treated using environmentally sound processes and in line with all relevant waste management rules and regulations. All good reasons, therefore, for relying on REMONDIS Industrie Service to manage your waste.

We offer the following services

Waste management

We draw up waste management concepts to meet your business’s precise needs and look at how you can lower your costs – e.g. by reducing waste.


We handle everything – from supplying you with the right bins for storing your waste on site, to in-house plant logistics, through to transporting your waste in our specialist vehicles.

Labelling & classification

We make sure that all your different types of waste materials are declared and treated in line with hazmat guidelines. So you’re always on the safe side.

Industrial cleaning

If requested, we can also clean industrial premises as well as individual plants or sections of plants.

Provision of staff

We can provide you with personnel support should you need it – from hazmat officers through to waste management experts specialising in hazardous waste.

Flexible, reliable, sustainable: waste management with REMONDIS Industrie Service

Our surface technology customers vary from firms specialising in surface treatment to metal processing businesses with their own painting and coating division. Thanks to our large fleet of specialist vehicles and our Germany-wide network, we have the flexibility needed to not only meet the requirements of this sector but also to respond quickly and accept large volumes of waste materials. What’s more, it’s very important to us that we deliver a quality service. This includes delivering hazardous waste solutions that both protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Thanks to our modern plant technology and network of facilities, we are not only able to treat practically every type of waste but also to separate contaminants and recyclable materials so that we can recover the recyclables from a wide range of wastes. For example, we process contaminated packaging so that it can be reused or returned to market and we transform old solvents into high quality recycled products. And these are just two of a whole host of processes that we deploy to ensure that the environment benefits from our hazardous waste treatment.

Are you responsible for waste management in your surface technology business? We’re always here to give you advice should you need it. Send us an enquiry

Waste management solutions for all types of surface technology

One thing that is typical for us here at REMONDIS Industrie Service is that we always consider the big picture and think and act beyond waste management. This has led to us developing a holistic portfolio of services. There are a whole number of points within a business where our services meet and overlap – especially in a sector as wide-ranging as the surface technology industry – and we are always happy to coordinate all these different services on your behalf. This means that you have just one dedicated contact person for everything. Take a look below to see some of the other services we offer.

Managing waste chemicals

Safely storing, transporting and disposing of all types of waste chemicals and liquids generated by pharmacies and laboratories.

Oil separator services

Emptying and cleaning oil separators including recycling the wastewater using environmentally and resource-friendly processes.

Mobile hazardous waste collections

Our SafetyTrucks accept all types of contaminated waste – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Hazardous waste incineration

Efficient and environmentally compatible thermal treatment of dangerous substances in our modern hazardous waste incineration plants.

Address and contact details

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Brunnenstraße 138
44536 Lünen
T +49 2306 1068938
F +49 2306 106686

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