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Hazardous waste management for car washes


Waste management services for car washes

Hazardous waste management and separator services for car washes

For the most part, the focus of the waste management system at a car wash is on the separator – no matter whether the business is a self-service or automatic car wash. On the one hand, car wash operators wish to run their business as cost efficiently as possible and keep their separator system functioning properly so that everything runs smoothly. On the other, the statutory regulations governing light liquid separators must also be met, for example the rules regulating how often they must be emptied and cleaned. REMONDIS Industrie Service has many years’ experience of working with separators at car washes and is able to unite cost-effectiveness with compliant, environmentally friendly waste management services. And, if you wish, we can handle all of your other hazardous waste at the same time.

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A business needs a well-regulated waste management system to be able to run smoothly. Get in touch to find out more

Examples of hazardous waste found at car washes

  • contents of separators
  • old oil
  • absorbent & filter materials
  • batteries
  • grease & grease-contaminated materials
  • hydraulic oil
  • fire extinguishers
  • oily materials
  • other types of mineral waste
  • other types of mineral waste
  • aerosol cans
  • packaging

One of our biggest strengths: we can also sustainably recycle contaminated waste fractions such as wastewater containing sludge.

Light liquid separators at car washes

The light liquid separators used at car washes are there to treat – i.e. clean – the wastewater produced by the car wash operations. While the separators used at garages contain large quantities of oil, the systems at car washes are primarily there for collecting the dirt generated from cleaning the cars. This means that the separators at car washes generally don’t need emptying because their oil trap is full but because the 50% limit has been reached in the sludge trap. As a result, large volumes of sludge need to be collected alongside the light liquid. These must be completely removed and treated. We do the former with our modern vacuum/cleaning trucks and the latter with our chemical-physical wastewater treatment units.

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Separator services for car washes


We pump out the light liquids and sludge contained in the separator, flush out the separator and clean the drainage channels – on a regular or as needed basis.


If required, we also carry out any necessary maintenance work. Alternatively, we can train the staff at the car wash to do these maintenance tasks themselves.

Emergency call-outs

We can get to you quickly if there is an unexpected malfunction or you need to know why the warning light on your separator is on.


We guarantee that all hazardous waste is disposed of using environmentally compatible processes and treat the wastewater so it can be reused in the separator.

Das Ergebnis unserer Serviceleistungen für Waschanlagen: zufriedene Betreiber, Pächter und Unternehmen in ganz Deutschland. Jetzt persönlich beraten lassen

Managing hazardous and non-hazardous materials from car washes

Both automatic and manual car wash businesses offer a variety of services besides the actual car wash itself. Customers are almost always given the opportunity to clean the interior and exterior of their car or campervan as well. Such services may range from extra brushes, to bins for a whole host of different wastes, through to dedicated spaces with self-service vacuum cleaners. The waste generated by these service points also needs to be managed. REMONDIS Industrie Service offers a suitable collection, transport and recycling/disposal solution for all types and volumes of waste – no matter whether they involve hazardous substances (such as old oil) or recyclables (such as paper and plastic). And we offer a whole range of other services as well to ensure that our customers’ operations run as smoothly as possible.

Oil separator services

Emptying and cleaning oil separators including recycling the wastewater using environmentally and resource-friendly processes.

Hazardous waste incineration

Efficient and environmentally compatible thermal treatment of dangerous substances in our modern hazardous waste incineration plants.

Tank cleaning

Inspecting, servicing and cleaning tanks and other storage vessels – including all repair work if required.

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