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Managing waste for the food industry


Managing waste for the food industry

Waste management in the food industry: more than just handling food waste

Think of waste management in the food industry and hazardous waste is probably not the first thought that comes to mind. And yet food production certainly does generate hazardous waste. This may range from overstored raw materials and concentrates, to used operating materials, all the way through to empty containers that had been used for storing dangerous substances. And then there are the various residual materials left over after machines have been serviced or repaired. All in all, a diverse mixture that requires high levels of waste management expertise. With hygiene being such a priority, it is, of course, extremely important to offer food businesses clean solutions – both when supplying them with bins and storage systems as well as when collecting and treating their waste. Which is why it is definitely a big advantage for them to have a reliable and reputable partner, such as REMONDIS Industrie Service, at their side.

Recovering raw materials from waste – including hazardous waste – offers many benefits compared to simply disposing of them. Get in touch to find out more

Hazardous waste that REMONDIS Industrie Service typically manages for the food industry

  • batteries
  • chemicals
  • paints & varnishes
  • contents of grease traps
  • liquid silicone rubber
  • used filters
  • lye
  • oil & oily materials
  • mercury thermometers
  • acids
  • aerosol cans
  • contaminated metal & plastic containers
  • ammonia water mixtures from cooling appliances

“The volumes of waste are getting steadily bigger in many areas of the food industry. We’ve developed concepts and technologies to recover as many raw materials as possible.”

Moritz, Sales Office

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We offer the following services

Waste management

Digital, sustainable and transparent: we help you to professionalise your waste management and recycling processes and, by doing so, to considerably improve them.

Sustainability & environmental protection

We make the very most of your waste, including your hazardous waste. We are able to recover recyclables from many waste materials and return them to market.

Waste management concepts

Our concepts ensure that your waste management system is set up safely and in line with all rules and regulations. Our goals: more recycling, lower costs.

Grease trap services

Thanks to our expertise, you can rest assured that you meet all laws and guidelines covering the cleaning, emptying, servicing and inspection of your grease traps.

Dedicated contact person

No matter whether you’ve got a question about emptying intervals or your documentation obligations: your dedicated contact will answer all your questions about our grease trap services.

Sustainably recycling food waste and old cooking oil

One of the big advantages of working with REMONDIS Industrie Service is its extremely wide range of waste management services. With so many specialist companies in our Group, we are able to handle practically every type of waste. Just one example here is ReFood – a company that focuses entirely on treating and processing food waste. It has an appropriate recycling system for all categories of waste food: from vegetables from commercial kitchens that are past their best, to out-of-date natural raw materials from food-processing plants. And always with the highest sustainability standards and the guarantee that no precious resources will be wasted.

We offer solutions for packed and unpacked organic waste

REMONDIS Industrie Service – your partner for managing hazardous waste from the food industry

We do everything in our power to help the food industry manage their residual materials in a responsible and compliant way. Recycling food waste is just one task of many here. We also handle waste that is not directly connected to their food production operations. Many food processing businesses, for example, have lorry loading docks on their premises, which means they also have oil separators that need to be regularly emptied, cleaned and serviced. Take a look at the list below to see all of the hazardous waste management services offered by the REMONDIS Group that are relevant to the food-processing industry.

Production of refuse-derived fuel

We’re not just a waste management business but a producer as well. We use waste that can’t be recycled for reuse as a resource for producing liquid and solid refuse-derived fuel.

Grease trap services

Emptying and cleaning grease traps in line with statutory regulations (e.g. DIN 4040-100) including recycling the fat using environmentally and resource-friendly processes

Mobile garage waste collections

We accept all types of contaminated materials with our specialist garage waste vehicle – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Aerosol can recycling

Collecting and recycling empty, partially empty and full aerosol cans using a system that enables the dangerous substances to be disposed of and the metals to be recovered.

Wir verwerten Abfälle der Lebensmittelindustrie nachhaltig und entsprechend gesetzlicher Bestimmungen. Jetzt Angebot anfordern

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