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Managing waste in the logistics sector

A question of safe storage: hazardous waste in the logistics sector

Logistics firms face a whole host of challenges when it comes to waste management. In some cases, their customers’ goods may be overstored or damaged and need to be collected quickly so that warehouse space can be freed up for other products. They also have bins for storing the waste that their own haulage operations have generated – including hazardous waste – and these need to be emptied as well. What’s more, such companies often handle large volumes of returns that must be sent on for treatment. All these different types of waste not only have to be recycled or disposed of by professionals using environmentally compatible processes, they also have to be analysed and declared first. And then, of course, there are the large amounts of non-hazardous waste that can all be recycled for reuse, such as cardboard and plastic packaging. REMONDIS Industrie Service has a suitable solution for all these different material streams. Provided by just one company and using high-quality, certified systems.

Would you like to set up a safe and sustainable waste management system at your logistics business? We’re always here to help

Examples of hazardous waste found in the logistics industry

  • chemicals
  • resins
  • electrical & electronic appliances
  • isocyanates
  • paints
  • lye
  • lithium-ion batteries
  • solvents
  • oils
  • acids
  • aerosol cans
  • additives (e.g. to produce paint)

We work for both large logistics companies with multiple business locations as well as for small haulage firms across the whole of Germany.

Safely transporting hazardous goods – we have the right containers for all types of waste

Transport companies can’t always choose what goods they get to convey from A to B. If they transport products that are potentially hazardous for humans and the environment and these products or their packaging become damaged, then they immediately become a case for waste management professionals. Action needs to be taken quickly in line with the AVV [German Federal Waste Catalogue Ordinance]. Damaged drums, jerry cans or sacks, for example, have to be transferred into suitable specialist containers and the contents of damaged IBCs have to be moved into IBCs that are fit for purpose. We are always there for you at your side to support you with our storage, transport and disposal logistics as well as with our extensive know-how. Our drivers are highly qualified and know exactly how to handle dangerous substances so that, should it be necessary, they can transfer materials into the transport containers that they bring with them on your behalf.

Safety is our no. 1 priority when transporting hazardous waste. Which is why we have the right storage system for each type of waste – no matter whether it’s solid, semi-solid or liquid. Take a look at our portfolio of bins and containers

The most suitable full-service solution for your logistics waste

We pursue a holistic approach when serving our customers in the logistics sector. In other words: we accept all the hazardous waste at their company, including materials that are produced by activities, which are not directly connected to their actual transport operations. For example, the contents of oil separators or other haulage-related workshop waste. What’s more, we are always there to offer you advice on the legislation and guidelines governing the storage and disposal of different types of hazardous waste. So that you’re on the safe side when the authorities next inspect your business.

The key benefits of working with us

Waste management

If requested, we can draw up or optimise your waste storage and waste management concepts for all your hazardous – and non-hazardous – waste. Including skip services and transport.

Specialist vehicles

From vacuum/cleaning vehicles for cleaning tanks, to our MOBIWER for garage waste, through to our mobile SafetyTruck service for collecting hazardous waste – our fleet is equipped for all tasks.

Waste management concept

No matter how dangerous your waste is, it is always our mission to find and deliver a suitable disposal process – even for highly reactive substances.

Short transport routes

Thanks to our numerous specialist and regional companies, we can respond quickly to your needs no matter where in Germany you are located. A contact person coordinates everything on your behalf.

Full compliance

We provide you with all required waste management documents and offer you the option of using a convenient electronic waste records procedure (eANV).

We recycle and treat materials for logistics companies and haulage firms

One thing is definitely true for the logistics sector: there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. The requirements of each individual company and their changing waste management scenarios are simply too different. Which is why it is good to know that you’re always in safe hands with our company at all times. No matter what the hazardous waste management task may be. Take a look at the list below to see all the services that REMONDIS Industrie Service can offer you in the areas of waste management, recycling and disposal. At the end of the day, it is always our goal to make the very most of all the different types of waste generated.

Oil separator services

Emptying and cleaning oil separators including recycling the wastewater using environmentally and resource-friendly processes.

Mobile hazardous waste collections

Our SafetyTrucks accept all types of contaminated waste – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Hazardous waste incineration

Efficient and environmentally compatible thermal treatment of dangerous substances in our modern hazardous waste incineration plants.

Resource-friendly recycling or – where necessary – safe disposal: we provide the logistics sector with the exact support it needs. Send us an enquiry

Address and contact details

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