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REMONDIS’ specialist vehicles for transporting hazardous waste

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Our vehicles

Safely transporting hazardous waste

When dangerous substances or hazardous waste, such as chemicals, old oil or rechargeable batteries, have to be transported, they are classified as hazmat or hazardous materials and must meet statutory safety requirements. Our specialist vehicles are ADR approved and are manned and equipped in line with the TRGS [Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances]. Managed by our efficient and sustainable logistics system, they travel to firms and institutions across the whole of Germany. We accept all types of hazardous waste and clean and service industrial areas, plants, separators and sewer/wastewater pipes. Some vehicles make it possible for waste materials to be treated on site at our customers’ (e.g. oily wastewater).

We can supply you with hazardous waste bins and containers quickly and reliably and/or collect your hazardous waste for recycling/disposal. Send us an enquiry

Our fleet includes innovative specialist vehicles

A picture of a SafetyTruck


A mobile service for collecting hazardous waste from local authorities, laboratories, pharmacies and industrial businesses

Our SafetyTrucks are equipped in line with the TRGS 520. They can collect and transport a whole variety of hazardous waste – depending on what the local authorities or companies need.

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A picture of a Mobiwer


All types of hazardous garage waste collected in one single trip

We can collect up to five types of hazardous waste typically found at garages in just one trip. From old oil, to car batteries, brake fluid and engine coolant, all the way through to materials and filters contaminated with oil. A unique, nationwide service.

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A picture of a vacuum/cleaning tanker

Vacuum/cleaning tankers

Emptying, flushing and cleaning tanks and separators

We use our vacuum/cleaning vehicles to collect the contents of oil and petrol separators and grease traps as well as paints, oily watery mixtures, old oil and many other types of liquid.

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Our fleet for transporting hazardous waste

A picture of a hook-lift truck

Hook-lift trucks

Transporting containers, break bulk and toxic substances

Our hook-lift trucks are used to convey our hook-lift containers; equipped with special superstructures, they can also transport break bulk and toxic substances – safely and in large quantities.

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A picture of a skip truck

Skip trucks

Transporting hazardous waste

These special vehicles transport our skips with lids. We primarily use them to convey sludge, oily materials and other types of hazardous waste.

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A picture of an AS collection vehicle

AS collection vehicles

Safely transporting AS containers and other types of storage systems

AS collection vehicles are designed to transport break bulk cargo. We use them for a whole variety of containers – either to exchange full containers with empty ones or simply to pick them up. They are used with or without a truck mounted forklift; also available as semi-trailers.

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“We’re always here to help you classify your hazardous waste and select the correct hazmat label to meet the regulations of the ADR, the Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.”

Stefan, Approvals & Safety

A picture of a sewer cleaning vehicle

Sewer cleaning vehicles

Cleaning sewer pipes with or without water recovery

Our fleet also has specialist vehicles for cleaning sewer pipes and sewer systems, pipes and pipe networks, gullies, siphons and surface areas.

Fact sheet (PDF)

A picture of a vehicle for emptying oil separators

Vehicles for emptying light liquid separators

Emptying and cleaning oil separators

We use these vehicles to empty and clean light liquid separators (oil and petrol separators). We treat the water on site at the customer’s, refill the separator and then transport the remaining oily wastewater to plants for recycling or further treatment.

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A picture of a vehicle used to inspect separators

Vehicles for inspecting separators

Servicing and inspecting separators

Light liquid separators and grease traps must be regularly serviced and inspected by professionals in line with the relevant regulations. Permanently fitted out with all the testing machinery needed to do these tasks, our specialist vehicles are well equipped for such projects.

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A picture of a semi-trailer


Semi-trailers as tankers and for general cargo, for a variety of uses

We have articulated lorries as tipper trailers, vacuum/cleaning trailers, acid tank trailers, general cargo trailers and chemical tank trailers.

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A picture of a moving floor semi-trailer

Moving floor semi-trailers

Transporting loose bulk materials with a leak-proof system

Our moving floor semi-trailers have both a multi-functional loading/unloading system and a leak-proof system and are used for transporting loose bulk materials.

Fact sheet (PDF)

A picture of a swap body vehicle

Swap body vehicles

Safely transporting medical waste

Our swap body vehicles transport medical waste, which has been classified as hazardous waste, from the waste producer to the intermediate storage facility and/or disposal plant – safely and in line with all rules and regulations.

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