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REMONDIS Industrie Service employees at the Bramsche Industrial Recycling Centre

Careers at REMONDIS Industrie Service

Working for the future together: to make the world a safer and greener place

Eliminating dangerous substances, transporting hazardous goods and researching new recycling technologies – our jobs are anything but ordinary and have a huge impact. Being experts for the safe storage and transport of dangerous substances and a reliable partner for the recycling of hazardous waste, we perform vital work for society. Work that we’ve been doing for over 40 years now. Our dedicated employees are at the core of our success. Our daily interactions are shaped by flat hierarchies, we ensure that communications within and between teams are open and interconnected and we value the specialist knowledge of each and every member of staff.

It’s our team that makes us special. So why not join us?! Take a look at our vacancies

Flat hierarchies

We create level playing fields and are eager to make the most of our skills and expertise.

Strong teams

“Once waste, always waste” is what we often hear. Many colleagues have been at the company for a long time, sharing their know-how and experiences.

Developing potential

Our training and development programme can help you to further hone both your professional and personal skills.

Because we value you

Whether it be health care, shopping or provisions – we offer a whole host of perks and employer contributions that will benefit you personally.

You can rely on us

When you join REMONDIS Industrie Service, you can be sure that you have a secure, future-proof job.

Jobs that are relevant

By offering our recycling and waste management solutions, we are helping to make the world a safer and greener place.

“Our success can be put down to the dedication of our employees. We value and promote a harmonious working environment, in which all activities are based on respect, equality and an open discussion culture.”

Robert Sonnenschein, Managing Director of REMONDIS Industrie Service

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Join our team! Transporting hazardous materials, examining toxic substances in the lab, operating hazardous waste treatment facilities – the jobs at REMONDIS Industrie Service are anything but ordinary and they are essential for both our society and the environment. Jobs and vacancies

Taking on responsibility for people and the environment

Our field of expertise is hazardous waste. We make the most of well-established systems and develop advanced solutions to ensure dangerous substances are handled in a safe and sustainable way. We share our knowledge of future-oriented innovations with the rest of the REMONDIS family so that we can all help each other. Over the decades, this mutual support has given us an unmatched wealth of knowledge and experience and a leading position within our industry. A A modern circular economy – this is a lived reality at our company. We are well aware of our responsibility as a hazardous waste management business and do everything in our power to meet these responsibilities for the good of our employees, customers and partners as well as for the good of the environment.

Our latest news and vacancies can always be found on our LinkedIn page. If you’ve got a question about the career opportunities at our company, simply call us on T +49 2306 106-8844 or send us an email.

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