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Bins and storage systems for managing hazardous waste

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Our storage systems

Suitable bins and containers for storing your hazardous waste

The first step to having your hazardous waste properly recycled is to make sure it is segregated and correctly stored. Germany’s Federal Circular Economy Act [KrWG] stipulates that wastes must be stored separately according to type and state. Hazardous waste – such as solvents, hydraulic oil and lithium batteries – must be placed in approved bins and containers that are able to mitigate the potential risks. This is not only for safety reasons but also so that recyclable resources can be recovered for reuse by the treatment plants. We can supply you with suitable storage and transport systems for all types and all volumes of waste. Our offering ranges from specialist containers such as IBCs and ASFs / ASPs, to battery transport boxes, jerry cans and drums with lock rings, all the way through to big bags, wire mesh containers, mobile tanks / containers and skips. REMONDIS Industrie Service can equip intermediate storage facilities and household waste recycling centres in line with all safety regulations and also offers mobile collection systems.

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Our bins, containers and storage systems

A picture of a hook-lift container

Hook-lift containers

Transporting large volumes of hazardous waste

We use our hook-lift containers for transporting large volumes of waste. They are an extremely safe way of conveying hazardous waste. In different sizes, with and without a tarpaulin cover or lid.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 11–48m³

A picture of a skip


Transporting sludge and oily materials

If sludge or oily materials need to be transported, then we use small containers, so-called skips, with a lid or flaps.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 7, 10m³

A picture of an ASF container

ASF containers

Safely storing and transporting hazardous liquid waste

ASF containers are secure reusable containers and are used for storing and transporting hazardous liquid waste such as paints and varnishes, fuels, coolants, solvents, old oil, pesticides and cleaning agents. Hot dip galvanised and suitable for Euro pallets.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 240, 445, 1,000 litres

A picture of an ASP container

ASP containers

Safely storing and transporting hazardous solid waste

These secure, fully galvanised containers are used for storing and transporting hazardous solid and semi-solid waste e.g. batteries, paints, adhesives, packaging materials and lubricants; can be used as a bin swap system.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 240, 450, 800 litres

A picture of a pressurised salvage container

Pressurised salvage containers

Transporting damaged steel cylinders

We have special containers for transporting damaged steel cylinders that hold e.g. propane, butane, chlorine, refrigerants (CFCs), hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen chloride, oxygen and other chemicals under pressure. UN approved, of course.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 168 litres

A picture of large salvage packaging

Large salvage packaging

Packaging for faulty or damaged hazardous waste storage systems

We use our large salvage packaging to accept faulty drums, jerry cans, ASPs, ASFs, IBCs and any other type of faulty or damaged hazardous waste bin or container that may no longer be transported without additional outer packaging.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 800, 2,870 litres

“Top priority must always be given to keeping people and the environment absolutely safe wherever hazardous waste is stored and transported. Which is why we have the right storage system for each and every type of waste – no matter whether it’s solid, semi-solid or liquid.”

Sven, Key Account Manager

A picture of a big bag

Big bags

Storing and transporting construction waste and building site waste

The big bags provided by REMONDIS Industrie Service are ideal for storing construction waste, building site waste, dusty waste, stearate, soot, pellets and many other types of loose material.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 1m³

A picture of a wire mesh container

Wire mesh containers

Special fully galvanised containers for a whole range of uses

Our wire mesh containers are fully galvanised metal containers for storing printing plates, film, photographic paper, waste electrical & electronic equipment or e-waste and scrap metal. They can also be used as an aid for loading jerry cans and drums.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 750 litres

A picture of an IBC (intermediate bulk container)


Safely packaging hazardous waste for transport

IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) are special, large-scale plastic tanks for hazardous liquid waste. Their secure domed lids also make them suitable for storing aggressive liquids such as acids and lye.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Sizes: 1,000 litres

A picture of a fluorescent tube container

Fluorescent tube containers

Safely storing fluorescent tubes and neon tubes (for commercial businesses)

We can supply fluorescent tube containers, post pallets and special boxes for storing and transporting fluorescent tubes. We recover recyclable materials from the fluorescent tubes, such as glass, metal and mercury.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 200–1,100 fluorescent tubes

A picture of a mobile tank for hazardous liquids

Mobile tanks

Mobile tanks for storing large volumes of hazardous liquids

Our mobile liquid storage system is used for temporarily storing liquids such as produced water, production wastewater and water used to extinguish fires. The tanks are also used during plant turnarounds and inspections.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 33m³

Plastic pallet containers for lead batteries


Storing and transport containers for lead batteries

The Paloxes provide a safe solution for the storage and transport of lead batteries. The closed and reinforced plastic pallet containers comply with UN regulations and are approved for transport in accordance with ADR.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 610, 670 litres

A picture of RETRON specialist containers

RETRON specialist containers

Storing and transporting lithium-ion batteries and devices

We provide RETRON battery storage boxes in a variety of sizes. They are made of hot dip galvanised steel and contain special insulation material. All of them are UN approved and high temperature resistant.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 240–4,000 litres and as a box

A picture of drums with a lock ring

Drums with lock rings

Storing and transporting chemicals and other hazardous wastes

Our drums with lock rings are suitable for storing and transporting dry batteries, aerosol cans, pesticides and chemical substances.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 30, 60, 120 litres

A picture of aerosol can transport containers

Aerosol can transport containers

Safely storing and transporting aerosol cans

We are able to supply a variety of storage and transport containers for full, partially full and empty aerosol cans. These are available as reusable and swap bin systems and as fully galvanised containers.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 120, 800, 1,000 litres

A picture of bung drums

Bung drums

Correctly storing garage and workshop waste

Bung drums are special storage containers made of plastic. We recommend that garages and workshops use them for storing and transporting brake fluid, engine coolants, acids and lye.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 120, 220 litres

A picture of wheelie bins

Wheelie bins

Safely storing oil-contaminated waste

These fully galvanised wheelie bins are suitable for storing small and large volumes of materials contaminated with solid grease or oil, for example oil and fuel filters, rags, protective clothing, boxes and jerry cans.

Fact sheet (PDF)
Volumes: 240, 1,100 litres

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