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Thinking green. Acting green.
Our business principle is sustainability

The main target of all the companies working within the REMONDIS Group is to provide professional services that ensure our natural resources are used economically and efficiently and so contribute towards protecting the environment and preventing climate change. Environmental protection is also top of the list at REMONDIS Industrie Service – and that is why we are committed to having sustainability as one of our business principles.

You can find an overview of our innovative products and ideas here

Sustainable ideas and developments from REMONDIS

REMONDIS works continuously towards implementing future-oriented ideas and integral solutions. We also try, as far as possible, to develop innovative recycled products from hazardous waste and so return as many materials as possible to production cycles. The following gives a few examples of our own developments:

  • We produce high quality RENOMETALL® from old metal packaging
  • Under the brand name RENOTHERM® we market substitute fuels which we produce from waste that cannot be used for materials recycling
  • Our aerosol and gas cartridge recycling division is run under the name RESPRAY
  • RESOLVE® markets recycled solvents to industrial and commercial customers as well as to private consumers
  • QR-MERCURY stands for mercury recycling from both industrial waste and discarded everyday products
  • Our mobile vehicle for garage & workshop waste – which can take away up to six different fractions in one journey – is called MOBIWER
  • The SafetyTruck is a vehicle that collects hazardous waste across the country
  • Our portal for providing electronic and, therefore, paperless proof of how hazardous waste is managed is called REGISTA®

Environmental prize for REMONDIS
In 2011, REMONDIS was presented with the "Grüne Flotte" Award (Green Fleet Award) in recognition of the particularly eco-friendly strategy the company implements for its fleet of vehicles


Our vehicle, MOBIWER, provides a mobile waste collection service for garages and workshops and can take away six different fractions of hazardous waste in one trip: this, too, contributes towards increasing levels of sustainability more

And on we go: innovation knows no limits

Even if the list of products and services we have developed ourselves is long, we are by no means finished! Every day, our engineers and process technicians are working on new ideas with which we can enter into valuable recycling niches and so benefit the environment. Our targets are always:

To perfect waste flow management

We collect and sort waste, separate it into individual materials using complex processes and then use these to manufacture recycled products. Material efficiency is our aim here – as well as to create sustainable material cycles.


To conserve natural resources

We reduce consumption of primary raw materials by closing an ever increasing number of material cycles – an important step towards ensuring raw materials will be available over the long term.


To protect nature and the environment

As an alternative to fossil fuels, we focus on innovative sources of energy that are as carbon-neutral as possible – and promote efforts to prevent climate change all around the world.  


To increase work safety

We attach great importance to safety both for humans and the environment – and this is true for all the services we offer as part of our range of industrial services. Risk assessments are carried out and all protection measures adapted to the findings.


REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG