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Resource conservation and sustainability at REMONDIS Industrie Service (symbolic image)

About us

Sustainability at
REMONDIS Industrie Service

The circular economy is key to being sustainable.
We’re leading the way

Europe wishes to be the first ever climate-neutral continent by 2050 and, by doing so, to be a role model for other regions and countries. In 2019, the European Commission published its Green Deal setting out a list of measures that will be needed to achieve this. This included clear instructions on how natural resources should be handled. As a circular economy business, we’re taking over responsibility here and promoting sustainable development – by implementing environmental, economic and social goals in equal measure. Sustainability is at the very heart of both our business and our company philosophy.

Sustainability and climate action are a lived reality at REMONDIS Industrie Service. Our innovations speak for themselves

Sustainability is climate action (symbolic image)

Practically all business sectors generate hazardous waste. We recover materials for reuse wherever possible and dispose of non-recyclable substances using environmentally compatible systems. We are able to do this by making the very most of our specialist knowledge and our plants and facilities – all of which meet the highest safety and environmental standards. Being recycling experts, we promote the conservation of natural resources all around the world and help to drive forward climate action and environmental protection.

“Being specialists for dangerous substances and hazardous waste, we have a particularly high level of responsibility towards society. Safety and sustainability must be considered together. And this is precisely what we do.”

Markus Krauß, Managing Director of REMONDIS Industrie Service

Our three pillars of sustainability

Here at REMONDIS Industrie Service, we champion environmental, economic and social sustainability. Why? Because business success forms the basis for social justice and environmental protection initiatives.

Sustainability at REMONDIS Industrie Service (symbolic image)

Environmental & resource protection

  • Conserving resources with novel recycling solutions
  • Using innovative energies to promote net zero
  • Transitioning to alternative fuels
  • Carrying out PR work to promote environmental protection
  • Curbing climate change by using digital services
Employees at REMONDIS Industrie Service’s plant in Bramsche

Focusing on our people

  • Implementing the highest health and safety standards
  • Ensuring our employees have a good work-life balance 
  • Being a reliable employer with secure jobs
  • Developing employees’ professional and personal skills
  • Providing advanced knowledge via our professional network
Illustration of software used to control a recycling facility

Business & technology

  • Promoting innovative ideas and building state-of-the-art plants
  • Cooperating with partner firms to create a modern circular economy
  • Collaborating with scientists
  • Participating in trade associations to discuss environmental policies
  • Working with our network to offer comprehensive industrial services

Protecting the environment with innovations. We are shaping the future of the circular economy

Our engineers are constantly developing new kinds of storage, transport and recycling technologies. Thanks to their innovations, we are able to recover used substances so they can be returned to market. For a clean and safe future.

Aerosol can recycling at REMONDIS Industrie Service

Recycling aerosol cans

Some aerosol cans contain hazardous substances. Using our RESPRAY principle means that practically all of them can be sustainably recycled.


A waste collection vessel accepting waste from a ship

Treating sludge

We separate oil sludge from ships into three different material streams. The water is processed, the sludge is thermally treated and the old oil is used as a refuse-derived fuel.


A RETRON safety box for li-ion batteries

Managing lithium-ion batteries

New technologies require new solutions. Thanks to the RETRON box system, lithium-ion batteries can be safely stored and transported.


Production of refuse-derived fuels (symbolic image)

Alternative fuels

Coal, gas and oil are a thing of the past. We produce and market solid and liquid refuse-derived fuels made from industrial waste.


Our industrial recycling centre in Bramsche is able to treat more than 600 types of hazardous waste – i.e. practically all of the substances produced by industrial firms that may potentially pose a risk. This centre focuses on four main areas: Firstly, on recycling aerosol cans – this particular division handles ca. 3,000t of aerosol cans a year. Secondly, on treating and disposing of dangerous chemicals. Thirdly, on producing high quality refuse-derived fuels – up to 40,000t per year. And fourthly, on recycling contaminated metal containers. Thanks to its specialised processes and its capacity to recycle ca. 70,000t of materials a year, our centre in Bramsche is playing a key role in the European circular economy.

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