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Hazardous waste management for the energy sector


Managing hazardous waste for the energy sector

Hazardous waste from energy providers – managed and disposed of cleanly

The energy sector is currently going through a transition but its hazardous waste requirements remain the same as before or, in some cases, are getting bigger. With steps being taken to move away from fossil fuels, there is an even greater demand for reliable waste management solutions for hazardous materials generated in connection with coal, gas and oil. Well aware of their responsibilities in this area, large corporations now prioritise environmentally compatible solutions and make these a mandatory part of their tenders. It is one of REMONDIS Industrie Service’s strengths that it is able to offer such solutions for all types of residual and hazardous substances. By doing so, it is also able to help sustainably improve their customers’ carbon footprint – certainly one of the reasons why practically all of the well-known firms operating in the energy industry work with us.

By working together, we can help improve your sustainability and carbon footprints. Get in touch to find out more

Wastes typically found in the energy sector

  • oily materials
  • contaminated soils
  • different types of sludge
  • waste oil
  • contents of oil & fuel separators
  • fluorescent tubes
  • aerosol cans
  • transformers
  • solvents
  • chemicals

“We also supply external waste officers who can provide you with the support you need in the area of waste management legislation.”

Chiara, Sales Office Manager

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Comprehensive waste management solutions for all types of plants operated by the energy sector

From conventional power stations all the way through to waste-to-energy plants – we provide the energy sector with the security they urgently need when it comes to the recycling and disposal of their waste. And we provide them with a comprehensive and wide-ranging package of services that can only be delivered by a company with extensive expertise. Besides dealing with hazardous waste – and all the collection, processing and disposal tasks involved with this – we also handle a whole variety of other jobs. All from the same company and always with the aim of providing you with the all-round support you need.

How the energy sector benefits from working with REMONDIS Industrie Service


We provide you with suitable bins and specialist containers for solid, semi-solid and liquid waste and collect these with our specialist vehicles.


We have a network of branches across the whole of Germany and can get to you quickly when you need us. No matter where your business may be located.


Our experts determine where savings can be made and draw up bespoke waste management concepts for you that focus on both efficiency and environmental protection.

Water expertise

We treat your industrial water and use it to supply you with process water. By doing so, we help you to conserve valuable natural resources.

Industrial cleaning

From power station boilers, to cooling towers, all the way through to storage tanks – we remove all the dangerous deposit build-ups and handle the disposal of the hazardous materials.


We ensure that plant parts that are no longer needed are dismantled reliably, quickly and professionally. Plus the recycling and disposal of the waste materials, of course.

Clean solutions for clean energy – with REMONDIS Industrie Service

Considerably fewer residual and hazardous waste materials are produced by wind farms, solar farms and other green energy generation facilities. Having said that, though, they still have a variety of waste materials – from old oil, solvents, aerosol cans and grease, to oily cloths, through to waste packaging – that need to be managed professionally. We are not only able to provide these services but are also there for the complex recycling tasks required by the renewable energy sector. Wind turbines and solar panels, for example, are made using hard-coated polycarbonate and silicon coating, both of which are unable to be recycled at the moment. Which is why we’re working hard within the REMONDIS Group to find suitable recycling solutions. This makes us the perfect partner for businesses that generate renewable energy and are already thinking about the holistic nature of sustainability and the future right now.

We’re always here to provide advice and coordinate the individual services you require on your behalf. Get in touch with us

Additional services for municipal utility companies and other energy providers

REMONDIS Industrie Service is able to offer such a wide variety of services thanks to the ideal way the extensive range of expertise within the REMONDIS Group is linked up and connected. This means that energy companies are able to commission just one single service provider to deliver all the waste management tasks they need to run an efficient and safe business. This covers all tasks, all the way through to collecting filter dust and recycling FGD gypsum. What’s more, we also supply cement works and lime plants with refuse-derived fuels. The following lists some of the other services and specialist firms that we work together with, creating synergies that the energy sector can also benefit from.

Managing waste chemicals

Safely storing, transporting and disposing of all types of waste chemicals and liquids generated by pharmacies and laboratories.

Mobile hazardous waste collections

Our SafetyTrucks accept all types of contaminated waste – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Mobile garage waste collections

We accept all types of contaminated materials with our specialist garage waste vehicle – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Hazardous waste incineration

Efficient and environmentally compatible thermal treatment of dangerous substances in our modern hazardous waste incineration plants.

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