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Managing hazardous waste from garages and workshops


Managing hazardous waste for garages and workshops

Quick, reliable and environmentally friendly management of hazardous waste for garages and workshops

No matter whether it’s a small owner-managed business or a large chain – managing hazardous waste is an important subject for garages. What they need are quick and efficient solutions that are provided without their everyday operations being disrupted and ensure that they comply with all relevant rules and regulations. Larger garages and vehicle workshops often have someone in charge of quality management and already have a good system in place for collecting and storing their various types of waste. There are, of course, also much smaller firms operating in this sector that have no or very little knowledge about handling hazardous waste and need considerable waste management support from professionals. REMONDIS Industrie Service is the perfect partner for both cases as it delivers professional and environmentally friendly waste management services in line with the KrWG [German Federal Circular Economy Act].

With garages having to cope with such heavy workloads, putting a safe and sustainable waste management system in place often takes a back seat. Let’s sit down and discuss this – it’ll be well worth your while! Get in touch

Wastes typically found at garages and vehicle workshops

  • old oil
  • car batteries
  • brake fluid
  • hydraulic oil
  • paints
  • solvents & solvent mixtures
  • plastic bumpers
  • varnish
  • contents of oil separators
  • coolant
  • metal packaging
  • engine parts
  • oily materials
  • oil filters
  • metal scrap
  • aerosol cans
  • windscreens

“Being an accredited specialised waste management company, we are well acquainted with all the various statutory requirements and guarantee that all the waste we handle is treated professionally. We can also advise you on how to run a ‘wastewater-free’ garage.”

Svenja, Sales Office

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Your expert for hazardous waste, for small quantities as well

Thanks to our network of specialist and regional companies, we are able to offer all the waste management services required by garages and workshops. At the end of the day, companies operating in this sector not only generate hazardous waste but non-hazardous residual materials as well. REMONDIS Industrie Service ensures that these are transferred to facilities within its group dedicated to recycling such materials. These range from waste packaging made from cardboard, to plastic wrapping, all the way through to scrap metal. Furthermore, our portfolio includes many waste management advisory services. We are always happy to draw up a bespoke waste management concept that meets your business’s exact needs, covers all your different waste fractions and enables you to avoid unnecessary costs. Including all logistics requirements such as supplying bins and storage systems and transport.

Our range of services for garages and vehicle workshops

Oil separator services

Our well-trained employees use our specialist vacuum/cleaning trucks to empty and clean light liquid separators and treat the wastewater, helping to conserve natural resources.

Tank cleaning

We check, maintain and clean tanks and other storage systems – and recycle or dispose of all the residual materials. If required, we can also carry out repair work on the tanks.

Hazardous waste incineration

We ensure that dangerous substances are sent for energy-efficient and environmentally sound treatment in our modern hazardous waste incineration plants.

Parts cleaning

We have access to specialists within the REMONDIS Group that offer efficient and environmentally friendly parts and tool cleaning systems – including treating the wastewater.

Electronic waste records procedure

As our customer, you are able to use our electronic waste records procedure – a quick and efficient way for you to meet your statutory obligations.

Aerosol can recycling

We offer solutions for storing and transporting empty and partially empty aerosol cans – a system which enables the hazardous substances to be disposed of and the metals to be recovered.

Mobile collection of garage waste

From old oil and oily materials, to coolant and brake fluid, through to car batteries – we collect them all in one single trip. You’ll not find a more practical or more efficient system!

We’re happy to tell you more about our solutions for garages and workshops – solutions that are always geared towards growing sustainability and efficiency and reducing waste. Send us an enquiry

A full range of services for your garage: separator services and more

Garages benefit from working with us as we are able to offer them a range of services that is adapted to meet their precise needs. This also includes providing them with a professional package of separator services. Making the most of our extensive know-how, years of experience and modern equipment, we make sure that light liquid separators are emptied, checked, maintained and, where necessary, repaired in line with all statutory guidelines. And our portfolio contains many other services that help garages to run a sustainable and safe business. No matter whether it involves disposing of dangerous substances, handling oil-contaminated wastewater or recycling reusable materials. It goes without saying that you have your own dedicated contact person who coordinates all the individual services and projects on your behalf.

Lithium-ion battery storage solutions

We provide safe and secure boxes for storing and transporting damaged or unwanted lithium batteries and ensure they are sent on for recycling or disposal.

Mobile garage waste collections

We accept all types of contaminated materials with our specialist garage waste vehicle – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Oil separator services

Emptying and cleaning oil separators including recycling the wastewater using environmentally and resource-friendly processes.

Address and contact details

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44536 Lünen
T +49 2306 1068938
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