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Aerosol can recycling solutions


Recycling aerosol cans

Collecting and recycling aerosol cans: safely and sustainably with REMONDIS Industrie Service

Recycling aerosol cans is a job for the professionals. Here at REMONDIS Industrie Service, we offer our RESPRAY system – a system that provides all the services needed to reliably and safely collect, transport and recycle full, partially full and empty aerosol cans from industry and commerce. Customers from across Germany and from a whole variety of sectors – including garages, specialist retailers, DIY stores, pharmaceutical firms and hospitals – rely on RESPRAY and its aerosol can recycling services.

The recycling rate of the aerosol cans passing through the RESPRAY plant lies at almost 100%. Send us an enquiry

The benefits of recycling aerosol cans with RESPRAY

A one-stop shop

We deliver a full range of services – from giving advice, to providing suitable storage systems, all the way through to collecting and recycling the cans. You organise the storage of the cans at your business.

Twice as safe

You can rest assured that your aerosol cans are being recycled in line with all rules and regulations – including the Special Provision 327. What’s more, our specialist storage containers guarantee maximum safety for your staff.

Comprehensive & flexible

The size, shape and content of the aerosol cans make no difference whatsoever. Nor does the amount of content left in the can. We collect full aerosol cans as well as empty and partially empty cans.

Uncomplicated & customer-oriented

We offer special systems for customers who subscribe to the service or who use it on an as-needed basis. And we always adjust our offering to meet your requirements. Full boxes are picked up straight away.

Environmentally & resource friendly

The aluminium and tinplate are recycled as are the contents and propellants. We only dispose of substances that absolutely have to be disposed of. And always using environmentally compatible processes.

Available wherever we’re needed

Thanks to our nationwide network of branches, we are able to reach you quickly whenever you need us – in Germany and in other European countries. Our close-knit network of plants and facilities ensures transport routes are kept short.

How we recycle aerosol cans

How we recycle aerosol cans

“Thanks to our aerosol can recycling system, we can collect empty, partially full and full aerosol cans from our commercial and industrial customers and recycle them using environmentally and resource-friendly processes.”

Sven, Key Account Manager

Aerosol can disposal and recycling

An environmentally sound recycling system

We recover the aluminium and tinplate using a complex – and, on the whole, multi-stage – separation process (under inert conditions) as part of our aerosol can recycling system. We also recycle the contents and propellants wherever this is possible. If recycling is out of the question, then we dispose of them in an environmentally sound way. This not only guarantees that the maximum amount of substances are recovered. It is also an effective way to protect the environment as the harmful propellants are not released into the atmosphere.

Aerosol can recycling in Bramsche, Germany

A recycling facility with cutting-edge technology

The aerosol cans are recycled at our specialist treatment plant in Bramsche. This facility is listed in the German Environment Agency’s ‘Best Available Techniques Reference Document on Waste Treatment Facilities’ [Merkblatt über die besten verfügbaren Techniken für Abfallbehandlungsanlagen].

The challenges of recycling aerosol cans

Even when aerosol cans seem empty, there is always some residual content and pressure left in them. Which means that they still contain at least small amounts of active substances and highly inflammable propellants. This makes recycling them particularly challenging. They must be collected and stored in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations (such as Germany’s TRBS, TRGS 510 and BGR 157) so that people are not put in harm’s way. And they must be transported in specialist trucks equipped with ventilation systems that comply with the ADR, the European agreement regulating the carriage of dangerous goods. We are able to provide all this and offer you a full range of services – all the way through to developing a bespoke waste management concept for your business.

Safely collecting and storing aerosol cans

Collecting and storing aerosol cans is a challenge because most of them contain propellants such as propane, butane or dimethyl ether. These substances are highly inflammable and can create explosive mixtures when they come into contact with oxygen. The legislator has stipulated that companies must make sure that safe systems are used to collect, store and transport their aerosol cans. They must use approved boxes and containers that bind liquids and carefully remove any propellants that may be released.

A standardised storage system for all types of aerosol cans

  • Aerosol cans for paints & varnishes
  • Aerosol cans from the cosmetics sector
  • Aerosol cans from the food sector
  • Aerosol cans from the pharmaceutical industry
  • Aerosol cans for lubricants
  • Full aerosol cans

Besides aerosol cans, we also collect and recycle gas cartridges, gas cylinders, lighters and many other potentially dangerous types of waste. Send us an enquiry

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