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Managing hazardous waste for shipyards


Managing hazardous waste for shipyards

Comprehensive waste management services for shipbuilders

For the most part, managing hazardous waste at shipyards involves complex requirements and the challenges faced by those providing the services can differ greatly according to assignment and project. Shipyards that focus on repair work need quick solutions as they often work to a very tight schedule and don’t always know what types or volumes of waste material will be generated until they actually start the project. In contrast, shipyards that build new boats generally have a much longer period of time to plan which also means that all waste and hazardous waste management tasks have to be meticulously planned well in advance as well. And then there are the efforts being made within the industry – and particularly in the cruise business – to become more sustainable. This, too, has led to the sector expecting top quality standards of waste management and recycling from its service providers. In other words: shipyards, shipping companies and cruise lines all require the highest levels of quality and flexibility when it comes to waste management.

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Examples of hazardous waste found at shipyards

  • ash from on-board incineration facilities
  • etching solutions
  • cooking oils
  • e-waste
  • paints, glues & synthetic resins containing dangerous substances
  • resins
  • small batteries
  • loading residue (liquid & solid)
  • lights & lamps
  • empty packaging (metal & plastic)
  • lithium batteries
  • solvents
  • oily residue / sludge
  • oily bilge water
  • oily operating materials
  • cleaning agents
  • lifeboats made from GRP
  • welding & cutting waste
  • scrubber residue
  • blasting media
  • packaging with deposit build-ups
  • wash water from cleaning the cargo hold

Our customers include leading international shipping companies and shipping agencies as well as businesses providing shipyards with corrosion protection and emergency and rapid response services.

Managing hazardous waste for shipyards

Shipyards have two major benefits when they opt to work with REMONDIS Industrie Service: they reduce their waste management workload to an absolute minimum and achieve the highest possible levels of sustainability. Thanks to our expertise within the REMONDIS Group, we are in a position to offer you a wide range of services covering many areas of your everyday business. We can, for example, handle your non-hazardous waste (such as metals, plastic and paper) in addition to your hazardous waste and deliver a wide variety of additional services, such as emptying and cleaning your separators or cleaning your storage tanks. No matter what the task, we always guarantee that the waste materials will be sent to the most appropriate facilities so that they can be recycled or disposed of using sustainable and environmentally sound processes. All materials are transported to one of REMONDIS’ plants or facilities – and, of course, always in line with statutory regulations governing the collection and transport of dangerous goods.

Our range of services for shipyards and shipping companies

Waste management

You can also commission us to cover all your waste management needs. This includes us optimising your material streams, providing storage systems and sending waste for the best possible treatment.

Tank cleaning

Here at REMONDIS Industrie Service, we have specialists able to clean all types of tanks. No matter whether they’re used for storing ballast, fuel, oil, heavy oil or drinking water.

Additional cleaning services

From cleaning boats as part of shipbuilding projects, to cleaning plants and plant parts, through to cleaning whole industrial facilities – we carry out and coordinate everything.

Provision of staff

If requested, we can provide you with well-trained waste management specialists for your business – either on a permanent or temporary basis. We can also provide hazmat officers.

Sewer services

REMONDIS Industrie Service has a specialist company that provides a full range of separator and sewer services. Including oil separator services

Processing of watery waste

Your water management system is in the safest of hands with us as well. We dispose of all kinds of watery waste and recover the water for reuse whenever possible.

Dismantling of old facilities

We not only dismantle old plants but also carry out all necessary remediation work and ensure that all waste materials are sent for environmentally friendly recycling or disposal.

“When you work with REMONDIS Industrie Service, you can rest assured that your waste is managed sustainably and in line with all rules and regulations. As well as cost effectively and with the highest safety standards to protect humans and the environment.”

Stefan, Approvals & Safety

Take a look at our specialisations

Complex waste management solutions – from commercial to hazardous waste

Shipyards not only regularly generate hazardous waste but tonnes of commercial and non-hazardous waste as well – you only have to look at the large volumes of materials being delivered to their business every day. Thanks to our Germany-wide network of branches, we are able to provide them with a prompt collection service for all this waste, from plastic film through to paper and cardboard. It goes without saying that we organise everything here, starting with arranging the collection date and ending with the final logistics service required. You are given a dedicated contact person who is responsible for handling all your waste management requirements – a convenient and efficient system. By the way, the same is true for all the other services that are not delivered by REMONDIS Industrie Service’s team itself but are also of interest to shipyards. The REMONDIS Group also has, for example, highly qualified scaffolding experts and an internationally renowned metal recycling company. As a result, we bring maximum added value to your business at all times.

Managing waste chemicals

Safely storing, transporting and disposing of all types of waste chemicals and liquids generated by pharmacies and laboratories.

Oil separator services

Emptying and cleaning oil separators including recycling the wastewater using environmentally and resource-friendly processes.

Tank cleaning

Inspecting, servicing and cleaning tanks and other storage vessels – including all repair work if required.

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