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Collecting up to five different types of garage waste in one trip with REMONDIS’ MOBIWER


Mobile garage waste collections

Up to five types of waste – REMONDIS Industrie Service’s mobile garage waste collections

A convenient, full-service package for managing garage waste: MOBIWER – our innovative, specialist truck – can collect all types of hazardous waste generated by garages in just one single trip. And we not only accept old oil, oily materials, oil filters, car batteries, engine coolant and brake fluid but also ensure that they are recycled or disposed of in line with all rules and regulations. By the way, this service is not just for garages that repair cars and lorries. It’s also useful for all other businesses that generate similar kinds of waste – from haulage firms, to petrol stations and car washes, all the way through to trades and agricultural businesses.

We collect garage waste from car dealers with their own workshops as well as from independent and authorised garages. Send us an enquiry

All wastes in just one trip – MOBIWER is the best possible solution for collecting waste typically found at garages and workshops

The benefits of our mobile garage waste collections

Optimum levels of efficiency

We collect all your different types of waste in one go – something that would otherwise require several waste management contracts. That saves you time and money.

Less red tape

We provide you with one waste transfer note for all the different waste types. That saves you a great deal of red tape, time and money as you no longer need to apply for individual waste documents.

Quick response times

If your waste is collected on an as-needed basis, then we pick up your waste within a maximum eight working days of receiving your call. We can, of course, collect your waste on a regular basis if you prefer.

Comprehensive waste management expertise

Thanks to our network within the REMONDIS Group, we can offer you waste management concepts for all of the different types of waste generated at your business.

Climate & environmental protection

Less fuel is consumed and fewer emissions produced as we only need one single trip. What’s more, we also guarantee that all recyclable materials will be recovered from your waste.

A nationwide service

We offer our mobile garage waste collection service across the whole of Germany and coordinate trips to several branches on your behalf.

Do you need to have your garage waste collected? Have you got a question about our services? Then get in touch to find out more

Safely storing hazardous waste: the right bin for each type of garage waste

What’s really important to us is that our garage waste collection service is delivered in a way that is both safe and convenient for you and your staff. Our vehicle is equipped with hoses and suction equipment so that we can transfer your old oil, antifreeze and brake fluid straight from their storage containers into our vehicle’s various tanks. A different system is used to collect your oily materials. Wheelie bins are needed here to empty these particular materials into our vehicle and we’re happy to provide you with these bins as well, of course. The same is true for all the other types of storage systems that may be needed – e.g. drums for liquid waste. Spill pallets are also available to provide additional protection: the different bins or containers are simply placed in these to prevent liquids seeping into the ground. Thanks to our full-service package and in-depth specialist know-how, we are the company to turn to for compliant waste management services.

MOBIWER: the mobile hazardous waste collection service for garages

It makes no difference how much garage waste needs to be handled: we offer all the services needed, from collecting and transporting the materials, all the way through to recycling or disposing of them using environmentally sound processes. Take a look below to find out which five types of garage waste are collected by our MOBIWER and what happens to them afterwards. As is the case across the whole of the REMONDIS Group, our motto here is: ‘Recycling ahead of disposal’ – to protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

  • Dispose of oil filters and and oil containing materials

    Oily materials & oil filters

    Some oily materials can’t be recycled for reuse because it’s simply not possible to separate the different substances from one another. We have a sensible solution for both these materials and oil filters. They are sent to hazardous waste incineration plants where they’re used to produce electricity, steam and process heat.

    Our MOBIWER can transport up to 23m³

    Dispose of car batteries

    Car batteries

    As their name suggests, conventional lead-acid car batteries consist of lead, plastic and acid. We separate these three materials from each other so that they can be recovered, treated and reused.

    Our MOBIWER can transport up to 1m³

    Dispose of brake fluid

    Brake fluid

    It’s really important that brake fluid is collected and treated using the right technology as it contains toxic substances. This is precisely what our MOBIWER offers. Thanks to the specialist processes we use, we are able to treat old brake fluid so that it can be returned to industry.

    Our MOBIWER can transport up to 0.7m³

    Dispose engine coolant

    Engine coolant

    Once the engine coolant has been pumped into the MOBIWER’s dedicated coolant tank, it is taken straight to our specialist treatment plant. The coolant is treated here so that it can be reused.

    Our MOBIWER can transport up to 1.3m³

    Dispose old oil

    Old oil

    Into our MOBIWER and then off for recycling. All the used oil we collect is processed in our specialist treatment plants so that it can be used again as a raw material. For example, to produce lubricant – a great way to conserve virgin raw materials.

    Our MOBIWER can transport between 5 and 8m³

“Collecting the different types of waste separately means that the most can be made of their recycling potential – and helps curb climate change.”

Janis, Key Account Manager

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