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Managing hazardous waste for the automotive sector

Disposing of dangerous substances and recycling reusable materials with REMONDIS Industrie Service – a reliable partner for the automobile industry

Our comprehensive portfolio makes us the ideal partner for an automotive sector that thinks and acts sustainably. Both well-known car manufacturers and automotive suppliers rely on our ability to deliver dedicated hazardous waste management services for the automobile industry. They all benefit from our certified recycling and disposal solutions. We use professional systems to treat hazardous waste such as paint sludge, solvents and other chemicals. Thanks to our specialist treatment facilities, we are able to process many types of workshop waste and recover recyclable materials. By the way, we don’t only recover recyclables that are easy to extract from the waste but also when contaminants and recyclables first have to be separated from each other – for example, oily packaging. We deliver hazardous waste management services that meet the high expectations of the automobile sector in every respect possible.

Hazardous waste management for the automotive sector – go straight to our services

Wastes typically found in the automobile industry

  • emulsions
  • solvents
  • aerosol cans
  • plastic, paper, metal packaging & commercial waste
  • oil & oily materials
  • rinse & wash water
  • cooling lubricant, paints & varnishes
  • acids & lye
  • all types of sludge (grinding sludge, electroplating sludge, paint sludge etc)
  • brake fluid & coolant
  • waste glue
  • chemicals
  • contents of oil & fuel separators

“We coordinate the management and the recycling of waste across the whole of the automotive supply chain – helping to promote a sustainable circular economy.”

Matthias Teuwen, Sales Manager

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The right waste management solution for each individual type of waste

Car manufacturers and automotive suppliers generate many different types of production waste. A good deal of these materials are harmful substances and hazardous waste, which means that practically all of them require specialist treatment so that they can be recycled or disposed of in line with the highest environmental standards. In keeping with our holistic approach, we offer the automobile sector a comprehensive range of hazardous waste services. We are able to do this by operating a nationwide network of plants and facilities that can treat practically all types and all volumes of hazardous and non-hazardous waste – from our state-of-the-art hazardous waste incineration plants, to our production of refuse-derived fuels made from solvents and paint sludge, all the way through to our metal recycling facilities.

Thanks to our plants and facilities, we can offer reliable waste management services for all types and volumes of waste

Your experts for efficient and environmentally compatible recycling and disposal

We not only deliver all the standard services needed to manage your hazardous and non-hazardous waste (including all logistics) but also help you handle your material streams in an efficient and environmentally and resource-friendly way. Our business advisers visit your company and/or your production plant and then draw up bespoke concepts for all your different types of waste. The main goal here is to make the very most of all potential synergies. Take a look below to see a few examples of how we can support you with our know-how and expertise.

Being a modern circular economy business we are always looking to find the most environmentally friendly waste management solution. Recycling is at the top of our list of priorities.

Our range of services for the automotive sector

Ressourcen- und klima­schonendes Wasser­management

Resource & climate-friendly water managementWe develop and implement solutions for you so that your wastewater is not only treated but also used to produce green energy.

Safe storage & transport of batteries

We provide specialist boxes for securely storing and transporting lithium-ion batteries – an important safety aspect for businesses producing or using EVs.

Comprehensive range of services for waste chemicals

We record all the different types of waste chemicals at your business, supply you with suitable storage systems (ASPs, drums), sort and pack the chemicals and organise the collection and transport for you.

Provision of cleaning systems

If requested, we can also provide you with modern cleaning and washer systems – including environmentally friendly cleaning agents and water treatment.

Waste management plus

We can also offer solutions for waste that does not fall in the category of ‘typical automotive waste’. For example, kitchen waste and fats and oils from your canteen.

High levels of expertise

We have highly qualified and experienced staff who have been trained in line with the TRGS 520 [Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances]. 

Achieving the highest sustainability standards in the car industry with REMONDIS Industrie Service

The automotive sector is making huge efforts to become more sustainable and is ahead of many other industries when it comes to demanding proof of sustainability. To be able to meet their own sustainability targets across all areas of their business (including procurement and waste management), many car manufacturers insist that their suppliers and waste management providers fill out a sustainability assessment questionnaire (SAQ 4.0). Here at REMONDIS Industrie Service, it goes without saying that we not only meet the highest sustainability and environmental standards but can also provide proof of this when required. And, of course, we are just as meticulous and reliable when it comes to providing proof of how we manage and process waste. This is certainly one of the reasons why several of the world’s largest car manufacturers have been our customers for many years.

A one-stop shop – a full range of waste management services from REMONDIS Industrie Service

There are many companies around offering conventional waste management services but only REMONDIS is able to offer the full range. Take a look through our portfolio of services – all of which are available individually or as part of a complete waste management concept.

Mobile hazardous waste collections

Our SafetyTrucks accept all types of contaminated waste – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Mobile garage waste collections

We accept all types of contaminated materials with our specialist garage waste vehicle – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Oil separator services

Emptying and cleaning oil separators including recycling the wastewater using environmentally and resource-friendly processes.

Tank cleaning

Inspecting, servicing and cleaning tanks and other storage vessels – including all repair work if required.

We’re here to provide you with advice as and when required as well as to help you coordinate the various services you need. Get in touch with us

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