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REMONDIS Industrie Service’s head office at the Lippe Plant in Lünen

Our world: managing and recycling waste

Managing and recycling dangerous substances and hazardous waste: safely, reliably and sustainably with REMONDIS Industrie Service

REMONDIS Industrie Service has been serving its customers from industry, commerce and the public sector for over 40 years now and is an expert in the safe management and treatment of dangerous substances and hazardous waste. Making the most of our extensive experience, we make sure that pollutants and non-recyclable wastes are removed from material life cycles and disposed of using environmentally compatible processes. At the same time, we recover as many materials as possible whenever this is environmentally and financially viable. By returning recyclables to market and supplying recycled raw materials, we are helping to conserve natural resources, save energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Our company is part of the REMONDIS family and has a robust network of contacts among research, political and business leaders – both of which enable us to promote the transfer of knowledge and skills and drive forward pioneering, sustainable developments.

Safely storing, transporting and recycling hazardous waste is our core area of expertise. We’re always here to help

“We use and develop innovative technologies and today’s knowledge to make tomorrow’s world a better, safer and cleaner place to live.”

René Jurock, Managing Director of REMONDIS Industrie Service

Facts & Figures

Being a fully owned subsidiary of REMONDIS SE & Co. KG, REMONDIS Industrie Service is one of the world’s leading companies for the management and recycling of hazardous materials. REMONDIS Industrie Service is the linchpin when it comes to delivering a comprehensive range of hazardous waste services. Together with our specialist companies, we manage the collection, transport, processing and recycling of hazardous waste using efficient and sustainable systems. With a network of over 100 business locations operating state-of-the-art plants and facilities and well-organised logistics, we are able to offer all the services needed to treat waste in a professional and environmentally compatible way.

Our six guiding principles

Managing and recycling waste are key tasks in today’s society as they play a vital role in protecting both the environment and natural resources. We are well aware of our company’s responsibilities and have drawn up a common framework of values for our employees. No matter what the location or field of business may be, our actions are always guided by legal regulations and ethical and moral principles. They act as a ‘strategic compass’ for our day-to-day work.

Two REMONDIS Industrie Service employees standing in front of a lorry


Being a family-run business steeped in tradition, REMONDIS Industrie Service has become an international service group that still holds fast to family values such as solidarity and network. We collaborate closely with our partners and service providers and promote the transfer of knowledge and skills between all employees in our company.

A close-up image of a REMONDIS flag at the Lippe Plant in Lünen

Safety & Responsibility

As far as we are concerned, it goes without saying that all of our recycling and waste management solutions are set up and carried out in line with the highest safety and environmental standards: for the good of our employees, customers and partners as well as for the good of the climate and environment.

A REMONDIS employee in Bramsche wearing a hazmat suit


All of the employees at REMONDIS Industrie Service carry out fundamental tasks at the company. Making the most of our specialist knowledge, experience and dedication and our strong network of partners, we find suitable solutions – no matter how unusual the enquiry or how novel the challenge.

Chemical technicians at REMONDIS Industrie Service in Bramsche

A driver of innovation

Climate and environmental targets can only be reached with the help of a modern circular economy. Which is why we develop and support new processes and products and collaborate with research institutes and innovative service providers.

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A group of employees at REMONDIS Industrie Service’s plant in Bramsche

Candour & Trust

All employees communicate openly with one another and support each other no matter what position they have or department they are in, as everyone is a specialist in their field. We share this knowledge and set up project teams so that, together, we are ready for whatever challenge our customers may have for us.

Sustainability at REMONDIS Industrie Service (symbolic image)

Sustainability & Transparency

Being a recycling business, sustainability and environmental protection are at the very core of our company’s identity. There are three cornerstones to our sustainability strategy: being socially responsible, running a successful business and ensuring our operations protect the environment. And we make sure we have transparent communications because everything we do promotes the circular economy – working for the future.

Sustainability at our company

A group of employees at REMONDIS Industrie Service

> Join our team! Transporting hazardous materials, examining toxic substances in the lab, operating hazardous waste treatment facilities – the jobs at REMONDIS Industrie Service are anything but ordinary and they are essential for both our society and the environment. Jobs and vacancies

Situated in Lünen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant is the largest industrial recycling centre in Europe. Our head office is also based there. We manage over 100 business locations and a network of state-of-the-art plants and facilities across the whole of Germany. Making the most of our sophisticated logistics infrastructure, we ensure that hazardous waste is collected, transported, recycled and/or disposed of efficiently and sustainably.

Our plants & facilities

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