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Mobile hazardous waste collections using REMONDIS’ SafetyTruck


Mobile hazardous waste collections with our SafetyTruck

The SafetyTruck – the perfect solution for local authorities and businesses

Our specialist hazardous waste collection and storage vehicles – our SafetyTrucks – are effectively REMONDIS Industrie Service’s expertise on wheels. We are the ideal partner for our clients – no matter whether they operate in the public or private sector – when it comes to safely accepting, temporarily storing and treating hazardous waste in line with all rules and regulations. One very special feature here is the full range of services that comes with this vehicle. Starting with the bespoke package of services that is adapted to each individual target group and ending with the final treatment of the waste materials using environmentally sound processes. Our trained staff accept the hazardous waste, sort it on site in the vehicle and pack it into suitable, approved transport containers. These containers have all the required safety features and labelling to transport dangerous substances. And, as our client, you are, of course, given a waste acceptance form and/or a waste manifest for each different type of waste we receive from you as proof that they have been accepted, stored, transported and treated properly. Mobile hazardous waste collections really can be so simple.

Our SafetyTruck meets all the requirements set out in the TRGS 520 [Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances] for mobile storage and collection points. Send us an enquiry

The benefits of REMONDIS Industrie Service’s mobile hazardous waste collection service

Expertise & quality

Being a hazardous waste specialist, we know exactly how each different type of waste must be handled and have access to a close-knit network of plants and facilities across the country.

Full compliance

If requested, we can also take over a number of the waste producer’s obligations – such as forwarding, loading and packaging tasks.

High level of flexibility

We adjust our mobile hazardous waste collections to meet our customers’ exact needs – e.g. regarding standing time and appointments and/or the quantities of the different types of waste we accept.

Optimum availability

We have a large number of hazardous waste collection systems in acc. with TRGS 520 [Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances] enabling us to offer our services at a variety of sites, at the same time and on a regular basis.

Safety first

Safety is our no. 1 priority – from having vehicle technology that is always fit for purpose, to adhering to work safety regulations at all times, through to providing perfectly dovetailed processes.

Mobile hazardous waste collections with specialist, TRGS-qualified staff

Our qualified employees receive all the training they need to ensure they have the required knowledge to professionally handle dangerous substances. We deploy specialists in accordance with the relevant Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS 520) – i.e. they have taken part in specialist chemistry courses, have a TRGS 520 Certificate of Competence (with annual further training courses) and regularly participate in seminars covering dangerous goods legislation and corresponding safety precautions. Our dangerous goods drivers ensure the hazardous waste collection vehicles arrive safely at the collection sites and help the chemical technicians as qualified assistants in acc. with the TRGS 520. Both of them are, of course, trained first aiders.

Multi-norm PPE is part of our employees’ standard equipment as is having in-depth knowledge about how to handle dangerous substances.

The equipment on board our hazardous waste collection vehicles

Everything that is needed to be able to offer a mobile hazardous waste collection service can be found on board our SafetyTruck – no matter whether it’s provided in a unit with a fixed structure or as a portable hook-lift container. This includes having safe and secure bins and storage solutions for hazardous waste (such as paints, varnishes, waste oil, chemicals, batteries and solvents). Our vehicles, however, are equipped with further features and cutting-edge technologies so that everyone involved has access to a safe and convenient system for handing over and accepting the materials.

  • A wide variety of approved transport packaging in different sizes
  • Filling and absorbent material to secure fragile containers
  • A special counter and a liquid-tight, acid and chemical-resistant, conductive floor
  • First aid and fire-fighting equipment
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Specialist load-securing equipment and shelving systems
  • Waste air extraction and ventilation systems
  • Work instructions, emergency plans, diverse aids

Our SafetyTruck accepts the following types of hazardous waste

  • Mercury-containing materials
  • Waste oil, oily materials, waste grease, brake fluids and coolants
  • Acids and lye
  • Solvents, paints, varnishes, adhesives and hardeners
  • Solid and liquid cleaning agents
  • Pesticides and other plant protection products
  • Aerosol cans and fire extinguishers
  • Medicines
  • (Dry) batteries
  • Lead-acid batteries and NiCd batteries
  • Inorganic and organic chemicals

Our SafetyTrucks have been equipped with locking mechanisms, load restraint tracks and other specialist load restraint systems to prevent the cargo and the equipment itself from sliding, tilting over or falling down

“We also help businesses to dispose of their hazardous waste: from travelling to their premises, to providing/exchanging bins and containers, all the way through to recycling or disposing of the materials. We also specialise in building and operating stationary collection points in line with the TRGS 520.”

Chiara, Sales Office Manager

Mobile hazardous waste collections for the public sector

Our mobile hazardous waste collection vehicles have been providing local authorities, special purpose associations and public private partnerships (PPPs) with successful services for many years now. One particular benefit that these systems offer is their flexibility, enabling us to cover all the services listed in public tenders. In other words: you tell us how often we should offer the service and what types of waste may be handed over in normal household quantities – and we adjust our services accordingly. What’s more, we are particularly good at delivering services that go above and beyond the standard mobile hazardous waste collection requirements. Some local authorities, especially the larger ones, need much bigger storage capacities or specialist bins and containers. We can always meet these requirements thanks to our extensive pool of personnel, storage systems and specialist vehicles.

How your local authority benefits


We’re always happy to provide our public sector customers with advice about the best way to offer such a service e.g. how often and where. Also regarding compliance with the TRGS 520.


We deliver an extremely reliable service and turn up with our hazardous waste collection vehicle at the exact time and place agreed on.

Strong ties to local residents

Our staff are competent and, above all, customer-friendly. We believe it’s very important to have strong ties to the local residents. At the end of the day, we are representing you, their local authority.

Equipment & facilities

We follow the instructions in the contract about which wastes may be accepted and equip our vehicles accordingly.

Mobile hazardous waste collections for firms and institutes

The following basic rule applies here: we can provide a suitable solution with our hazardous waste collection vehicle for all types of hazardous waste – no matter where it may need to be examined, sorted and packed for transport. We travel to commercial firms and industrial businesses as well as to laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals and educational institutes. They all benefit from our service as it means they don’t need to draw up their own waste management concept. Simply book our mobile hazardous waste collection service, let us know which waste types you wish to hand over and you’re ready to go.

We’re always here to advise you on how best to use our mobile hazardous waste collection service. Get in touch with us now

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