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Managing hazardous waste for the aviation industry


Managing hazardous waste for the aviation industry

Reliably managing hazardous waste for the aviation industry and aircraft manufacturers

The production and maintenance facilities operated by aircraft manufacturers, airlines and airports are as complex as those run by industry. Besides generating “conventional” hazardous waste, these businesses also produce aircraft-specific waste that requires specialist recycling and disposal know-how, experience and capabilities. REMONDIS Industrie Service can guarantee that it is not only able to safely process all types and all volumes of dangerous substances produced by this sector but also any equipment and devices containing such materials. Having worked with global airlines for many years, we have in-depth knowledge of all relevant statutory regulations – including how to manage materials confiscated during customs checks. We provide suitable storage bins, train staff about waste-related issues, manage the logistics, implement digital systems and recycle/dispose of waste using environmentally friendly processes – no matter how complex the material may be.

No matter whether it be old paint, kerosene, gas cylinders or customs waste: we recycle and dispose of all types of waste produced by the aviation industry. Get in touch with us

Hazardous waste typically generated by aircraft manufacturers, airports and airlines

  • masking paper
  • old paints, thinners & paint / varnish sludge
  • old tyres
  • batteries, e.g. lithium batteries, lead batteries, dry batteries
  • waste electrical & electronic equipment
  • de-icer fluids
  • contents of grease traps
  • fire extinguishers & fire extinguishing agents
  • gas cylinders with anti-rain coating
  • kerosene
  • fluorescent tubes
  • solvents & other chemicals
  • contents of oil & petrol separators
  • oily materials
  • reactive hardener
  • emergency equipment, e.g. life jackets, life rafts & evacuation slides
  • contaminated metals

We offer the following services

Waste management

We draw up waste management concepts for all waste streams – including providing and collecting all bins and storage containers required.

Industrial services

We deliver all the services needed to maintain plants and facilities – from cleaning, to maintenance, to renovation work. Including efficient shutdown management, of course.

Water management

We draw up concepts that ensure as much water as possible can be recovered, processed and reused and offer a comprehensive portfolio of wastewater network services.

Engineering & operations management

We plan and build facilities at your business to enable your residual materials to be treated and recycled in-house and, if requested, operate them for you.

Facility logistics cleaning

We organise and carry out transport tasks on your premises on your behalf and clean your facilities using state-of-the-art equipment.


We dismantle any obsolete facilities and infrastructure using environmentally compatible processes on your behalf and carry out any remediation measures required.

Airport fuel/oil separators: giants promoting environmental protection

Able to hold up to 10,000 litres, the oil and light liquid separators at airports are around four times larger than those found at garages or petrol stations. What’s more, airports normally have several separators – installed close to the runways several metres below the ground. These need to be maintained and inspected as well as emptied and cleaned on a regular basis. By the way, the same is true for their grease traps.

Providing oil and fuel separator services is one of REMONDIS Industrie Service’s core areas of expertise and includes handling the recycling/disposal of the sludge and contaminated wastewater. Making the most of our specialist know-how, we ensure separators at many companies across Germany run smoothly.

“From disposing of dangerous substances, to recycling reusable materials, through to handling items confiscated by customs – we provide comprehensive solutions for our customers operating in the aviation sector.”

Janis, Key Account Manager

A clean affair: managing hazardous waste sustainably for the aviation industry

Thanks to our solutions, we help to protect the environment and, wherever possible, to recover resources. Our business locations have been accredited for their high environmental standards and we’re now able to recycle up to 75% of the hazardous waste we handle. Paint sludge is just one example of how we recover recyclable materials from hazardous waste. Solvents make up around 70% of the content of paint sludge, which we are able to separate and process for reuse. The remaining sludge is also sent on for further processing. Another example is our aerosol can recycling operations, which enable us to recover almost 100% of the materials so they can be reused. Whenever we receive obsolete plane parts, we first remove any hazardous substances so that the other recyclable materials can be sent on for recycling. We use kerosene collected as a result of misfuelling as RDF (refuse-derived fuel).

No matter whether you’re an aircraft manufacturer, airline or airport operator, you can benefit from our sustainable waste management operations: we can also issue you with a certificate documenting how our recycling services help improve your carbon footprint.


If requested, we can set up a recycling centre on your premises so that your recyclable materials can be efficiently recovered on site at your business. What’s more, we can also provide the specialist staff needed to run the centre. Send us an enquiry

Specialist bins and digital tools: smart waste storage logistics

Businesses that manufacture planes, service aircraft and operate airports generate large volumes of waste every single day. We help you to decide which and how many specialist bins and containers and packaging you need and make sure that our intermediate storage facilities and processing plants always have the capacity to handle your materials. If requested, we can develop a colour-coded scheme for your bins and teach your staff how to handle dangerous substances and hazardous waste safely.

Effective recycling systems – comprehensive solutions for the aviation industry

It makes no difference which or what volumes of materials you need to dispose of: you can rest assured that all of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste is handled and processed in the best possible way when you work with us. From carrying out the safety checks needed for the declaration process, all the way through to recycling the materials for reuse or disposing of them safely in plants and facilities. We are, of course, also able to take your food waste and transform it into green biogas or organic fertiliser. No matter what the process, we always adhere to all rules and regulations – be it waste law, dangerous goods and hazardous waste statutes, water management laws, emission control rules or documentation regulations. Thanks to the many specialist companies in our group, we can guarantee that each and every type of waste is managed and handled using efficient and sustainable processes.

Lithium-ion battery storage solutions

We provide safe and secure boxes for storing and transporting damaged or unwanted lithium batteries and ensure they are sent on for recycling or disposal.

Mobile hazardous waste collections

Our SafetyTrucks accept all types of contaminated waste – on a regular or as needed basis. An ideal way of having such waste collected straight from your business premises.

Oil separator services

Emptying and cleaning oil separators including recycling the wastewater using environmentally and resource-friendly processes.

Hazardous waste incineration

Efficient and environmentally compatible thermal treatment of dangerous substances in our modern hazardous waste incineration plants.

REMONDIS Industrie Service is your partner for sustainably managing hazardous waste generated by the aviation industry. Contact us to see how we can help

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