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RDF production in Oberhausen a. d. Donau.
Thermal treatment at its best

This plant, located in the Bavarian town of Oberhausen, primarily produces refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from liquid, inflammable waste. However, it also has a tank farm (overall volume: 10,800m³) for temporarily storing the material delivered to its site. Customers from a whole range of industries benefit from these large-scale storage facilities as they know that they always have someone able to take their residual solvents and liquids whenever required – no matter how large the volume or how short the notice. This Oberhausen plant it not only well-known for the quantities it is able to accept but also for the quality of its work. Able to store the different material streams separately and deploy specific treatment systems, the plant always ensures that the liquids are recycled in the best possible way.

Materials accepted by the tank farm


Solvent/water mixtures

Waste liquid paint and varnish

Distillation residue

Evaporation residue

Always ready to accept deliveries no matter how they are transported. Materials can be taken to the plant by tankers, vacuum/cleaning trucks or by rail in tank wagons

Quality is given top priority here.
And is monitored permanently

We do everything to make sure our facility is run to the highest standards – starting with the tests our laboratory carries out on the incoming materials, to the continuous checks performed throughout the process chain, all the way through to the final evaluation of the output material. A very important feature of our business and one of our plant’s main areas of expertise. This know-how is essential as the quality requirements for RDF used by cement and lime works are becoming ever more stringent. Thanks to our quality assurance system and our numerous homogenisation processes, we are able to meet our customers’ needs, no matter how complex they may be.

Our long-standing partnerships with both waste producers and cement works and power plants underline just how reliable our storage and production facilities are.

But that’s not all

Our long-standing collaboration work with well-known large and medium-sized chemicals firms – both national and international enterprises – means we are able to offer much more than the standard recycling processes. We supply companies, for example, with secondary raw materials that they would otherwise have to buy as a primary material for a much higher price. What may be a by-product or even waste for one business can be a valuable raw material for another. A few examples here include:

Organic acids such as acetic acid, formic acid etc.

Industrial acids and alkalis such as potassium hydroxide solution, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid etc.

Sources of carbon (e.g. for wastewater treatment) such as methanol and ethanol etc.

Groups of substances such as specific types of nitrate, phosphate, various metals and alkali metals

All types of usable chemicals


Sinninger Straße 11
86697 Oberhausen
T +49 8431 64260
F +49 8431 642629

REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG