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The Bramsche Industrial Recycling Centre.
Turning old into new

In Bramsche (Lower Saxony), innovative processes, specialised facilities and intelligent solutions are used to process and recycle hazardous waste. The Industrial Recycling Centre is equipped to treat over 600 different types of industrial waste. This means that our centre in Bramsche can safely recycle and/or process practically every kind of material generated by industrial businesses that could pose a hazard if left untreated.

A positive side-effect: our waste incineration plants contribute towards generating electricity, steam and heat.

Four key areas

Using a wide range of innovative processes, we are able to close material cycles. Our operations in Bramsche focus on four main areas:

  • with our full-service system RESPRAY, we collect, transport and recycle full and partially full aerosol cans.
  • the second key area is our RENOX division; this division covers all activities covering the transport, treatment and processing of special chemicals that are particularly dangerous, reactive or toxic.
  • we use waste that cannot be used for materials recycling to produce our substitute fuel RENOTHERM® which is available both in solid and liquid form.
  • the fourth key area is recycling contaminated metal packaging; here we recover tinplate, scrap iron and aluminium and return them to production cycles under the RENOMETALL® brand name.

RESPRAY: REMONDIS' Bramsche Industrial Recycling Centre is considered to be the number one company in Europe in the complex aerosol can recycling segment

An overview of the Bramsche recycling centre

Facts & Figures – The Industrial Recycling Centre
No. of employeesca. 150
Surface area100,000 m2
RENOTHERM®ca. 40,000t/a
RESPRAYca. 4,000t/a
RENOXca. 2,000t/a
RENOMETALL®ca. 6,000t/a
Total input of all material streamsover 80,000t/a

For further information, please read our brochure on the Bramsche Industrial Recycling Centre (PDF)


REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH
Am Kanal 9
49565 Bramsche
T +49 5461 9510
F +49 5461 951111

REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG