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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its 1,000+ branches and associated companies in more than 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.


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Nothing's impossible! RESPECIAL –
special applications for special types of waste

Whether it involves contaminated bulk materials or cytostatic agents, electronic components, precious metals or recyclable waste – even if it is a question of managing and/or recycling very unusual types of material, you'll not find us stumped by the task. For we are part of the REMONDIS Group and are always able to draw on the extensive know-how and special services of our many sister companies – quickly and easily.

The quickest way to find the best solution for your type of waste. Simply enter the EWC code / German AVV code here or select a category of waste from our list of waste types

Together we are even stronger

No matter what task you need a solution for – we will provide you with comprehensive advice and, together with our experts from the specialist companies in our network, will develop a bespoke eco-friendly waste management solution for your business. Ideally, we'll even be able to create a new recycled product from your special type of waste.  

Maximum levels of customer orientation, optimised services and comprehensive advice are just three of the main reasons behind our success

A selection of our specialist and divisional companies


Alumin® is a sodium aluminate that we produce from high quality raw materials using hydrothermal decomposition. The special advantages of this product are its high level of purity, its high levels of reactivity and its very great stability. more


REMONDIS Argentia are experts in recycling platinum, palladium, gold, silver and other valuable materials from a whole range of different areas. The result of our extensive treatment processes is precious metals of the highest levels of purity – free of any unwanted substances and contaminants. more


For over 30 years now, REMONDIS Aqua has been ensuring that large numbers of private households, local authorities and companies have a guaranteed supply of water and wastewater treatment. The company stands for efficient water management and the sustainable conservation of our natural resources. Moreover, it builds and operates state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities. more


The Buchen Group is our partner for all services that involve large-scale and heavy industry, refineries, chemical parks and nuclear plants. Together, we provide highly specialised services in the areas of industrial services, waste management and remediation work. more

REMONDIS Electrorecycling

REMONDIS Electrorecycling recovers valuable materials from discarded electrical and electronic equipment and returns them to production cycles. Moreover, hazardous residual waste is processed using safe and environmentally friendly methods. more


REMONDIS MEDISON offers clean, safe and professional solutions for all types of problematic waste – no matter whether it involves medical or photographic chemical waste or small volumes of solvents. more


REMONDIS ProTerra specialises in redeveloping contaminated land and in collecting and processing contaminated mineral waste. It offers a full range of services from developing concepts for remediation projects, to managing the building work, to collecting, transporting and processing the materials, to carrying out all documentation work. more

SARIA Bio Industries

The SARIA Group is an international service provider and manufacturer of quality products for use in human and animal foodstuffs, agriculture, aquaculture and industrial applications. Furthermore, SARIA is active as a producer of different kinds of renewable energy. more


REMONDIS sells a wide range of high quality additives and binding agents under the brand name, RADDiBIN®. The gypsum, which is used as the base material for the recycled products, is a by-product of the flue gas cleaning processes in fossil-fuel fired power plants. more


REMEX Mineralstoff is active in three different business areas: the company collects, transports & processes mineral waste and industrial by-products, produces building materials and redevelops all types of land and buildings. more


RETERRA Service specialises in recycling biowaste and using it to produce high quality products. Biologically degradable waste is, for example, used to make quality assured compost or environmentally friendly fuels. Food waste – depending on its suitability – is used in biogas plants or for making animal feed. more


TSR Recycling (TSR) is a trading and processing company in the area of refining scrap metal and steel. TSR provides services for metal-processing businesses, large industrial companies and local authorities and processes scrap metal into intermediate products ready for use in furnaces. more


UCL Umwelt Control Labor is a leading testing laboratory in Germany. With its extensive expertise, wide range of specialist methods and cutting-edge laboratory equipment, the company offers top quality analytical and material evaluation services. It is primarily active in the areas of environmental, waste, recyclables, drinking water and operation analyses as well as specialist analytical work. more


XERVON is an international company offering fully integrated service packages for projects involving the construction and maintenance of industrial plants and facilities active in the chemicals and petrochemicals branches, the steel and shipyard industries and in the fields of energy and construction work. more


The six REMONDIS regional companies and their 250 business locations manage waste from towns and commercial businesses – always providing a punctual and reliable service. more


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