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Do you appreciate old iron? High quality
RENOMETALL® from used metal packaging

Industrial and commercial businesses use metal packaging for many different types of material. As it is packaging, it must by law be returned after use and sent for recycling. Often, however, the used metal packaging still contains residue of the original contents – and such residue can be hazardous. REMONDIS Industrie Service has the perfect solution for this, too.  

The quickest way to find the best solution for your type of waste. Simply enter the EWC code / German AVV code here or select a category of waste from our list of waste types

Metal recycling: recovering valuable materials

We collect empty metal packaging – both with and without hazard labels – and then remove any residual impurities in a safe and environmentally friendly way. It is unimportant here whether the residue in the packaging is dusty, pasty, solid or liquid. Following this stage, we separate the metals into different groups and then process them. By doing so, we recover tinplate, scrap iron and aluminium – valuable raw materials which we return to production cycles under our RENOMETALL® brand name.

Further information about recycling metal packaging can be found in our flyer (PDF, German only)

Production Process

Strong services & extensive know-how

Besides recycling all types of empty packaging, we also process compressed packaging and drums with rolling hoops by prior arrangement. Moreover, we are able to clean and treat old drums and tins thanks to the different facilities and processes used in our network. After consulting with our customers, we also accept metal packaging that has been used for poisonous, corrosive, reactive, strong-smelling, spontaneously combustible and/or self-reactive materials.


REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG
Brunnenstraße 138
44536 Lünen
T +49 2306 1068938
F +49 2306 106686

REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG