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Specialists are needed to deal with plants and facilities that work with hazardous substances. Whether it involves deep cleaning work or completely dismantling such facilities and then recycling the materials: being a specialist business approved in accordance with Section 19 l WHG (water resources act) and the EfbV ordinance (for specialised waste management companies), REMONDIS Industrie Service can offer you all services from just one company – perfectly adapted to the special requirements of the facility in question. And with levels of safety that meet the highest standards.  

The quickest way to find the best solution for your type of waste. Simply enter the EWC code / German AVV code here or select a category of waste from our list of waste types

Our range of services

REMONDIS' REBUILD division offers a wide range of services including:

  • checking the condition of facilities that work with hazardous substances
  • planning all dismantling and waste management stages
  • vacuuming up and temporarily storing any residual contents
  • carrying out cleaning work using high pressure water jetting equipment
  • removing gas from pipes
  • dismantling facility parts and machinery
  • returning recyclables to production cycles
  • processing potentially hazardous materials safely

You can, of course, book our services as a complete package, for example, to partially or completely dismantle a facility or as individual services.

Many advantages, no risks

We stand out thanks to our many years of experience and in-depth specialist knowledge of cleaning and dismantling facilities that work with hazardous materials. Take the safe option and work with REMONDIS – by doing so you'll also be helping to protect the environment and to conserve natural resources. For we recycle the majority of the materials, liquids and gases collected through this work using sustainable processes. You can opt for us with a clear conscience!

Top class references. Both large and small-sized enterprises from all around the world use our professional services. An overview of our projects can be found here more

We have the necessary know-how to be able to dismantle facilities that work with hazardous materials quickly and professionally – without there being any danger for the local inhabitants or the environment

Range of plants & facilities

We clean, dismantle and recycle, among others, electroplating facilities, powder coating, testing and obsolete production plants, tanks and tank facilities, container depots, laboratories and oil immersed transformers.

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REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG
Brunnenstraße 138
44536 Lünen
T +49 2306 1068938
F +49 2306 106686

REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG