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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its 1,000+ branches and associated companies in more than 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.


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The hazardous waste task force. Solutions for armed forces

Armed forces from numerous countries have commissioned REMONDIS Industrie Service to handle their waste. You, too, can benefit from the safe and precise manner in which we collect and treat all types of waste.

We take everything (except ammunition and explosives): old metal, batteries, service fluids, waste electrical & electronic equipment, gas cartridges, fuel, alkaline solutions, solvents, medical waste, oils, materials contaminated with oil, pesticides, acids and more: AVV-Tool

Active all around the world. Just like you

We follow our customers, such as KFOR and ISAF, all around the world to Asia, Africa, Europe or Eurasia – and to every country where we are needed. Being an experienced specialist in the area of handling military waste, we have a central coordination office at our company which processes all important information.

Projects for armed forces: Further information about our services for military institutions can be found here

No journey is too long. No demand too great

When REMONDIS Industrie Service takes over all your different types of waste, it also takes over all legal responsibilities concerning the handling of these materials. We inspect, analyse, sort and pack the waste in the special containers provided for the various volumes of materials – and we apply for the relevant waste management permits and coordinate the logistics no matter whether it involves transport by road, rail or sea. The hazardous and non-hazardous waste is then sent for recycling or eco-friendly disposal at one of our treatment plants in Germany.  

If requested: dismantling of old facilities, delivering operating supplies, cleaning machinery and sites, including shooting ranges. Why not contact us?

Our head office in Lünen deals with all communication with the various authorities as well as with all transit countries

Combined to suit your needs. The most important services for your branch

  • provision of all types of packaging all the way through to sea containers
  • classifying waste by carrying out extensive analysis work
  • collecting & transporting hazardous waste in special containers
  • logistics taking all ADR and IMDG regulations into account
  • obtaining & fulfilling Basel, EU and OECD notifications
  • supplying personnel
  • collecting all hazardous & non-hazardous waste generated
  • developing & providing local environmentally friendly solutions

An all round provider with specialist systems

We create individual systems from our comprehensive range of services and solutions – perfectly adapted to fulfil your wishes and the requirements of your company. The solutions used most often by your branch are:


The chemical-physical treatment of aqueous waste containing petrol and/or oil as well as organic and inorganic aqueous waste. more


Our IT solution for the electronic waste-records procedure. more


The production and marketing of liquid and solid substitute fuels made from waste that cannot be used for materials recycling. more


The collection, transport and safe processing of special chemicals that are particularly hazardous, reactive and/or poisonous. more


Collecting contaminated solvents, carrying out contracting work, returning processed solvents and marketing regenerates. more


The safe collection and recycling of full and partially full aerosol cans and gas cartridges. more


An innovative system of containers for storing and transporting lithium-ion batteries. more


REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH
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44653 Herne
T +49 2325 590454
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