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A selection of our projects

From Nepal, to Algeria, to Eastern Europe – in the desert sands, in the mountains and in regions of conflict: REMONDIS Industrie Service also takes responsibility on the international stage and follows its customers all across the world no matter what branch they are active in. We carry out all tasks needed to ensure that hazardous waste is handled and processed safely and in compliance with all laws – from drawing up concepts, to carrying out notification work, to dealing with all logistics matters.


The Ministry of Nature and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus commissioned us with the task of recovering 2,000 tonnes of pesticides in Slonim. The work was carried out as part of a World Bank project to recover and process bioactive substances.


REMONDIS recovered 70 tonnes of pesticides and 5 tonnes of methyl bromide gas in Nepal on behalf of GIZ. A special waste treatment facility was transported to Kathmandu so that the poisonous gas could be chemically destroyed on site.


We worked on a project to recover around 107 tonnes of laboratory chemicals from more than 1,000 schools located close to Moldova's capital, Chisinau. This poisonous material was transported to Germany and neutralised at our hazardous waste incineration plant in Brunsbüttel.


Speed was of the essence when a fire broke out at an industrial unit close to the Handelshof cash-and-carry store in Hamburg. Thanks to our ad hoc operation, we were able to help prevent liquid rubber and contaminated fire water from getting into the sewer system.

Military projects

We carry out waste management projects on behalf of armed forces involved in international military operations in troubled regions all around the world. Besides drawing up and implementing waste management projects, we also carry out all the notification work needed for all services relevant to waste law.

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