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Working in troubled regions all around the world.
International military projects

REMONDIS Industrie Service has worked as a specialist collecting and managing hazardous waste in troubled regions for many years now. Working on behalf of different armed forces from Germany and the USA, we provide integral waste management services for all types of hazardous waste – from inspecting, sorting and packing the materials, to carrying out all logistics tasks, to managing the projects ourselves.

Our military projects are classified as top secret – we are, therefore, not permitted to name the locations and transport routes for security reasons  

Our head office in Lünen deals with all communication with the various authorities as well as with all transit countries. In Germany, we operate interim storage facilities for hazardous waste at military locations which are run by our own personnel

Our range of services

For military projects, we offer a comprehensive range of services for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste that comply with all regulations, laws and ordinances concerning waste and hazardous substances.

Our services include:

  • inspecting waste and taking samples including any necessary chemical analyses to classify the materials
  • providing all necessary packaging and transport systems – all the way through to shipping containers
  • sorting, packing and transporting the materials
  • obtaining all necessary Basel, EU and/or OECD notifications and approvals for the cross-border transport of waste all around the world
  • communicating with all authorities involved – those in the country from which the waste is to be dispatched, those in the recipient country as well as with those in the transit countries
  • organising transport by rail, road and sea taking all ADR and IMDG regulations into account
  • recycling and processing the materials, for the most part in REMONDIS' processing facilities

Managing military waste is a subject that is both dangerous and sensitive – and requires high levels of responsibility

When carrying out waste management tasks for armed forces, we often have to handle scrap metals

On-site operations

As part of a long-term agreement with the US armed forces, we are responsible for managing all hazardous waste at their existing locations as well as at any future locations (Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, CZ, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo (KFOR) and Greece (Crete)). In each of the countries, we operate at least one site that acts as a logistics centre and/or interim storage facility.

International tenders are normally used for projects involving military establishments and armed forces such as ISAF and KFOR. We also deal with projects in troubled regions all around the world – so far we have been active in 13 different countries.

In Germany, we operate interim storage facilities for hazardous waste at military locations which are run by our own personnel

Emergency stand-by team for oil spillages

If necessary, we also organise an emergency stand-by team for the different transport routes which is equipped to deal with oil spillages immediately should the need arise.


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