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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its ##Zahl_Standorte_weltweit##+ branches and associated companies in more than ##Zahl_Länder_weltweit## countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.


Laws promote systematic recycling. In Germany and throughout Europe

Some regulations are laid down by Berlin, others by Brussels: the handling of hazardous waste is regulated by a large number of different laws and directives. According to the current laws, each individual company is legally responsible for ensuring their hazardous waste is processed correctly. Looking at the many legal regulations that are in force, this is not an easy task.

Data sheets

PDF (Aquastar)
PDF (AS vehicles)
PDF (Hurricane)
PDF (Rigid chassis swap body vehicles)
PDF (Vehicles for inspecting separators)
PDF (SafetyTruck)
PDF (Vacuum/cleaning trucks)
PDF (Accumulator containers)
PDF (AS and ASF containers)
PDF (Pressurized recovery containers)
PDF (Big bags)
PDF (Wire mesh containers)
PDF (Jerry cans)
PDF (Fluorescent tube containers)
PDF (Medical waste containers)
PDF (RETRON containers)
PDF (Storage containers)
PDF (Drums with lock rings)
PDF (Tanks)
PDF (Wheelie bins)
PDF (Special containers for garage waste)
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