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A source of innovation.
Managing water resources with REMONDIS Aqua

REMONDIS Aqua has been active in the area of sustainable water resources management since 1977 and has extensive experience of all technical, business and legal issues involving water supply and wastewater treatment. Its customers include private households and local authorities as well as commercial and industrial businesses – and we, too, like to draw on REMONDIS Aqua's know-how for our industrial services. When we work together, we always work towards the same goal – to optimise the use of resources and reduce costs.

Further information can be found on the REMONDIS Aqua website more

Regular monitoring work

The quality of our services is monitored regularly by independent experts. Furthermore, in order to ensure we meet our own high expectations, we are constantly carrying out our own checks on our systems and providing further training courses for our staff. All these measures help us to optimise our business processes and mean we can guarantee the highest levels of safety in  all phases of our work – from collecting and treating the hazardous waste, to recycling and processing it.

Thanks to its cutting-edge water processing facilities, REMONDIS Aqua is also able to treat highly contaminated industrial wastewater so that, at the end of the treatment process, the water can be fed back into the water cycle

Water supply and wastewater treatment

REMONDIS Aqua's comprehensive range of services covers the planning, building, operating, maintenance and, if requested, financing of water processing and wastewater treatment plants.

The company offers

  • in the area of water supply: drawing up and implementing concepts for special facilities which supply industrial businesses with ultra-pure water
  • in the area of wastewater treatment: intelligent wastewater concepts and branch-specific processes to recover recyclable materials from production wastewater
  • in the area of wastewater treatment: a combination of wastewater and energy management to run facilities to generate energy
  • in the area of process optimisation: drawing up reports or studies, planning approval procedures and project management

REMONDIS Industrie Service and REMONDIS Aqua

REMONDIS Industrie Service and REMONDIS Aqua are an experienced team. We call on our partner company whenever our comprehensive industrial services involve water. For, REMONDIS Aqua supplies ultra-pure water to ensure industrial production processes run smoothly, recovers recyclable materials from wastewater – even wastewater that is highly contaminated – and is also able to use residual materials from its wastewater treatment to generate energy. Our customers benefit from such integral water management concepts – from the favourable conditions and from the closed material cycles.

Company partnerships. You decide how we should work together: all types of cooperation are possible – from offering advice and monitoring activities to different kinds of operator models  

As our customer you receive

  • a full range of water management services from just one company – from supplying ultra-pure water, to recovering raw materials from wastewater, to using them to generate energy
  • the assurance that even heavily contaminated wastewater can be processed in a resource-friendly manner and can be returned to production cycles
  • competent and expert support when planning, building and operating water management facilities – also in your own company

We are also very happy to analyse your current system and use the results of this to draw up a study on how to optimise the tasks that have not yet been standardised.

REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG