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From organic residue to valuable raw materials.
Thanks to sustainable, value-adding systems

ReFood specialises in collecting and recycling food waste and used cooking oil. Its customers include food manufacturers as well as restaurants, hotels and public institutions such as hospitals and schools. To be able to do this, ReFood offers a wide range of reliable services and ensures the leftover food is handled safely and hygienically. The company then uses the collected material to produce renewable energy and organic fertiliser in its own biogas plants – helping to considerably reduce the need for fossil fuel resources.

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Our partner for collecting and recycling used cooking fat

ReFood provides bins that have been specially designed to store used frying fat so that restaurant owners and food processing businesses always meet their waste management obligations. What’s more, the company’s customers receive a payment for their used fat, the amount of which depends on the volume collected. On the one hand, it can be used as a raw material by the bioindustry. On the other, it can be transformed into a sustainable fuel – helping to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

ReFood offers its customers in the restaurant and food industries a separate collection service for used frying fat and cooking oil

Renewable energy from residual materials

Every year, ReFood collects approx. 500,000 tonnes of organic material that can no longer be used in the food chain in Germany alone. Containing high calorific substances such as carbohydrates, sugar and fat, this residual material is not waste but a sustainable raw material. The company transforms it into electricity and heat in its own biogas plants helping to reduce the country’s dependency on nuclear and coal-fired power plants. The green energy produced by ReFood’s recycling activities is enough to cover the needs of almost 50,000 households. The separately collected frying fat is also used to produce sustainable energy: it is converted into low-carbon biodiesel, which produces at least 83% fewer carbon emissions that fossil-based diesel. ReFood is, therefore, helping to promote climate-friendly mobility.

ReFood produces electricity and heat at its 13 biogas plants across Europe

REMONDIS Industrie Service and ReFood

Thanks to its collaboration work with ReFood, REMONDIS Industrie Service is able to offer a full range of recycling services that covers both inorganic and organic residual materials. Our customers benefit from this comprehensive portfolio of services – no matter what category of waste it may involve – as they know they have a waste management specialist at their side that can handle all their materials. Both REMONDIS Industrie Service and ReFood have the same goal: wherever possible, we do not simply dispose of the residual materials we collect but ensure they are reused in the best way possible to promote sustainability and conserve our planet’s natural resources. And always so that our customers have as little work as possible. It goes without saying that our cooperation work also includes providing extensive support – such as coordinating the services delivered by the two business fields responsible for organic and inorganic residual materials. And, if our customers prefer, they can have just one contact person for all waste management matters.

How our customers benefit:

  • A full range of services provided by just one company
  • Reliable services and dedicated support from the ReFood branch based in your region
  • Bespoke storage systems and logistics concepts
  • High standards of hygiene and reliable waste collection services
  • A transparent system enabling residual materials to be traced back to their source
  • Contributing towards a sustainable world by ensuring residual organic materials are used meaningfully
REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG