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Specialists for difficult tasks. High quality industrial services from the Buchen Group

As part of the REMONDIS network, the Buchen Group has established itself as a strong partner and experienced specialist for cleaning facilities and plants, in particular those used by large-scale and heavy industry, refineries, chemical parks and nuclear plants. Together, we provide a full range of services in the areas of industrial services, waste management and remediation work.

Further information can be found on the Buchen Group's website more

Cleaning of industrial facilities & shutdown management

Across Europe, the Buchen Group has over 2,700 employees working for customers active in very different branches. The company specialises in industrial plant cleaning work and shutdown management – and adapts the methods it uses in the best possible way to the requirements of the different working environments. The company's comprehensive range of services also covers numerous special services such as tank services, catalyst services and mobile sludge dewatering services as well as services for power plants and nuclear plants.

The Buchen Group's employees have comprehensive specialist know-how and can always be relied on to provide complex industrial services

REMONDIS Industrie Service and BUCHEN

BUCHEN and REMONDIS Industrie Service guarantee that all projects are carried out quickly, flexibly and efficiently with qualified contact people available on site to offer advice

When REMONDIS Industrie Service and the Buchen Group work together, they are able to cover the whole supply chain of industrial services. Whilst Buchen carries out the inspection work, cleans industrial facilities and manages shutdown time, we deal with the rest of the work. Using our special trucks, such as our vacuum, washing or tank vehicles, we collect solid, pasty as well as liquid material fractions and transport the hazardous materials safely to the companies within the REMONDIS Group where the vast majority of the materials are recycled. If necessary, we also call on the services of our group subsidiary XERVON

Committed to quality. Our decades of experience, our well trained specialist staff and our proximity to our customers are just a few of the reasons behind the quality of our work  

The advantages of our full range of services

  • All industrial services are provided by one company and you have just one contact person who coordinates all the work – this saves you time and money
  • You can be sure that all laws and standards are complied with and, if necessary, we can coordinate the work with the authorities
  • You can be sure that all waste is handled safely: we supply approved and tested containers as well as special vehicles to transport all types of hazardous waste
  • We guarantee that we will provide the highest levels of quality and environmental management

Moreover, we can provide you with advice/guidance on waste and recycling, investigate potential for savings and optimisation opportunities and also develop comprehensive recycling and service concepts.

REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG