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Our environmental engineering work.
Forward-looking, efficient, reliable

Environmental engineering requires extensive specialist knowledge as well as appropriate analytical equipment. Being a specialist in this complex field, we offer a full range of services covering all aspects of project work as well as planning, building and operating plants and facilities in the areas of waste management and recycling.

Active abroad. Both large and small-sized enterprises from all around the world use our professional services. An overview of our projects can be found here more

Our knowledge for your success

Several treatment phases and complex technological procedures are often required to process production residue containing hazardous substances. On behalf of our customers, we plan, build and operate special state-of-the-art facilities enabling such hazardous waste to be professionally treated. We inject the extensive knowledge we have gained from building and operating our own network of facilities into such projects and inform you of the technical advances we have made within the REMONDIS Group. Our range of services also includes handling approval procedures, controlling and checking all work performed by third parties, officially putting the facility into operation and accompanying the final inspection.

When planning, building and operating facilities, we are always able to draw on the experience and know-how of the specialist companies in the REMONDIS Group more

Facilities for a wide range of applications

On behalf of our customers, we plan, build and operate, among others:

  • Sorting, shredding and conditioning facilities
  • Thermal distillation facilities to dry out pasty substances
  • Chemical-physical treatment facilities
  • Mercury recycling facilities
  • Waste incineration plants and waste-to-energy plants
  • Hazardous waste landfills

We ensure considerable savings can be made by developing process-integrated plant concepts

Cooperation models

We have the potential to also finance the facilities that we build for our customers. By concluding long-term contracts, we can free you from this financial burden enabling you to invest in your core business.

We offer the following different kinds of cooperation work – depending on which one works best for you:

  • Plant management model: outsourcing of all plant operations for plants that already exist, are to be optimised or yet to be built
  • Operator model: in addition to running the plant, we can also, if requested, take over any planning, financing and/or building measures
  • Joint Ventures: cooperation work in the form of a jointly owned company, for example for marketing secondary raw materials or to increase the use of existing plant capacity
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