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Across the country, REMONDIS Industrie Service collects, professionally treats and systematically recycles hazardous waste

Whether it be corrosive, poisonous, flammable or reactive: we know all about hazardous waste and how to process and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way

The REMONDIS Group has
a wide range of companies in its network so that an individual bespoke solution can always be found –
no matter what the waste management problem may be

REMONDIS Industrie Service is active all around the globe helping to ensure that hazardous waste is handled and treated in an environmentally friendly manner

The REMONDIS Group has built up a well coordinated system of containers, vehicles, facilities and landfills. This means we do not need to rely on others

Thanks to our close network of branches across the country, you can be sure that we are close by and on hand to help you when you need us

Do you need more detailed information? The why not access it online? We can help!

It doesn't matter what type of waste is involved nor what needs to be done: we know all about hazardous waste. Why not contact us? We're there to help you

Managing hazardous waste is a complex task. We develop well thought-out solutions that help to lower costs

Before drawing up concrete waste management concepts, we first examine the chemical composition and volume of your material streams

We have extensive experience of planning, building and operating plants & facilities – and we're happy to give you advice!

Making good use of residual materials: our waste management concepts are based on careful analysis work

REMONDIS is well versed in the laws, guidelines and ordinances that govern waste management – both those at national and at international level

REGISTA® is easy to use thanks to its clear structures and intuitive user guidance system

Top priority is always given to safety when transporting hazardous materials. Transport is carried out using suitable containers and special vehicles



Do you still have time for your core business?
A full range of services for hazardous waste

Our range of services involving plant logistics and plant waste management is very varied indeed. It ranges from sorting recyclables on site at the plant, to collecting and safely taking away all types of hazardous waste, to providing the waste management network with necessary supplies.

Range of services

  • Ordering, storage, provision and delivery of spare parts, raw materials, auxiliary materials, operating supplies and cleaning agents – when requested just in time directly to the location where the materials are needed
  • Refilling of storage containers in production areas
  • Provision of personnel
  • Organisation of in-house waste management logistics
  • Management of in-house waste collection points and/or recycling centres
  • Provision of container systems to enable materials to be collected separately
  • Sorting of waste and recyclables
  • Safe collection of hazardous waste
  • Complete collection of all waste fractions generated whenever you need it
On request, we can provide you with qualified employees or we can involve your own team in the work
Audits and downtime management
In many branches, plants or sections of plants need to be temporarily turned off for auditing purposes or shut down at regular periods to enable maintenance and repair work to be carried out. Time is of the essence here. Our management of the auditing and downtime work guarantees that all processes run smoothly and that time is saved by coordinating tasks – so that your facilities are up and running again as quickly as possible. In this field, we also cooperate with other companies within the REMONDIS Group – for example with Buchen and XERVON

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On-site advice

Being a competent partner for industrial businesses, we also provide our customers with experts so they can receive on-site advice about waste and waste management more

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