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Across the country, REMONDIS Industrie Service collects, professionally treats and systematically recycles hazardous waste

Whether it be corrosive, poisonous, flammable or reactive: we know all about hazardous waste and how to process and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way

The REMONDIS Group has
a wide range of companies in its network so that an individual bespoke solution can always be found –
no matter what the waste management problem may be

REMONDIS Industrie Service is active all around the globe helping to ensure that hazardous waste is handled and treated in an environmentally friendly manner

The REMONDIS Group has built up a well coordinated system of containers, vehicles, facilities and landfills. This means we do not need to rely on others

Thanks to our close network of branches across the country, you can be sure that we are close by and on hand to help you when you need us

Do you need more detailed information? The why not access it online? We can help!

Thanks to our specialist know-how and bespoke advice, we can help you to improve your processes and save money

Under close scrutiny: independent experts regularly check the quality of our services

Our target is to reduce CO2 emissions: preventing climate change and protecting the environment are top of the list of priorities at REMONDIS

Promoting young talent:
518 new apprentices joined our company in 2011



Working together to succeed.
A look at our company group

United under the REMONDIS name, the various companies working within the group provide a wide range of water and environmental services. All of our specialist and regional companies have been organized so that they can work together in the best possible way because our main aim – being a full industrial service provider – is to reduce our customers' workload by offering them convenient and sustainable full service packages.

Always close by, always at your service

Maximum levels of service, optimised packages and comprehensive advice are just three of the main reasons for our success. Moreover, our businesses offering this wide range of specialist services are always close to you: we can be found at 250 locations across the country thanks to our direct ties to regional companies.

Your advantage: all services from one and the same company

Being part of the company group, we are able to find a suitable solution for any waste management problem – no matter how unusual it may be. At the same time, you only have one single contact person for all the various services – irrespective of whether they are being provided by REMONDIS Industrie Service or by another company within the REMONDIS Group. For our customers this means clearly structured areas of responsibility, a complete range of top quality services – and these save time and money.

RIS: the industrial service "hub"

REMONDIS Industrie Service (RIS) is the central part of the REMONDIS Group when it comes to providing industrial services. No matter whether it is to do with collecting, transporting, storing, treating, recycling or processing hazardous waste, to do with cleaning, partially dismantling or completely removing industrial plants, or to do with scaffolding or sealing surfaces: we know what needs to be done and how to do it. Moreover, we always know which of the companies in our group network can help you with your problem – no matter how specific it may be. Our main cooperation partners are the Buchen Group and XERVON.

The Buchen Group specialises in cleaning industrial facilities and in downtime management – and always adapts the methods it uses to the requirements of the different working environments

Buchen Group

The Buchen Group is our partner for all services that involve large-scale and heavy industry, refineries, chemical parks and nuclear plants. Together, we provide highly specialised services in the areas of industrial services, waste management and remediation work. more

Optimising processes and improving efficiency: each and every day customers across the world are impressed by the work performed by XERVON's approx. 8,000 employees


XERVON® is an international company providing fully integrated service packages for projects involving the construction and maintenance of industrial plants and facilities active in the chemicals and petrochemicals branches, the steel and shipyard industries and in the fields of energy and construction work. more

Close to our customers – at home and abroad

REMONDIS is active all around the world and has set up businesses in a wide range of countries so that these international business locations  can also offer innovative services that have been perfectly adapted to fulfil the requirements of the individual countries. For this reason you can also
find us in:

> Africa
Asia and

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The best possible network!

Being part of a group, we can work together with our specialist companies and regional companies so that there is nothing that we are not able to treat - with our processes always being eco-friendly and always fulfilling legal regulations

Direct contact

REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG
Brunnenstr. 138
44536 Lünen
T +49 2306 106-8938
F +49 2306 106-686

REMONDIS consists of diverse specialist, regional and divisional companies. Together with Buchen and XERVON, REMONDIS Industrie Service offers an integral range of industrial services

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